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Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by greyghost, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. greyghost

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    I'm guessing I can just stain and poly the outside of the smoker. But what about the inside? Do I use linseed oil or something? then season it ? I don't want to effect the flavor of the meat during the smoking process. Or just leave it unfinished?

    Thanks for any help or suggestions.
  2. Hello.  Welcome.  I see this is your first post.  Please take some time and swing over to Roll Call and introduce yourself so that we may give you a proper "Hello".  All info you can provide us with such as smoker type, location and so on will help us answer any questions you may have.  As for your question:  Here is my opinion for what it is worth.  Others will have different advice.  This is only my opinion.  This is posted in UDS builds and would have a better chance in Smoke Houses, hopefully a moderator will move it.  I would leave the inside bare and let the smoke do it's thing.  The longer you use it the better it will get.  Keep Smokin!

  3. greyghost

    greyghost Newbie

    Hey, thanks Danny. I figured the heat might incorporate the flavor of the linseed oil into the meat but, Figured I'd ask you pros first. I'll send a pic of my humble project when finished in a couple of weeks. Work is eating up any free time I get right now.


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