Building a pid temp control.

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by memphis212, May 26, 2015.

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    Evening all. I just started construction on a pid temp control box for my analog mes 20970610. I have seen that some don't care for it but I am hoping with a good control box in place this thing will be a solid box for years to come. For those wondering I ordered the pid circuit from I then found a fiberglass weather proof box at work today and went to hacking it all together. I have not gotten the pid yet but have gotten the power cord and 110 outlet installed into the box. Once I get all of the parts in I will post some pics of the completed box. Let me know what you think of a control box on one of these.

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    Got everything in today and finished it up. Spent a bit learning how to use it. Seems to work well for no more than I have in it. Now just to figure out how to mount the probe in the box and where to mount it

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    Quick question for those more electricity inclined than myself. The original cord is using 14 gauge I also used 14 on my power cord coming into the box and 12 from the relay. Does anyone think I should use 12 gauge coming into the box? The extra parts only take like 4 watts from what I can find giving me a 13.7 amp draw max. If I remember correctly 14 gauge is good up to 15 amp draw? 
  4. You are at the far end of the 14AWG wire. You are not over but right at it. Seeing that a smoker can have a continuous use of up to 20 or more hours why not use the 20 amp rated 12AGW wire. Most likely you will not need a lot of it. That's just my thinking your millage may vary.  Jted

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