Building a new smoker for snack sticks and sausage.

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  1. Hello everyone. I picked up two stainless steel food carts. I'm going to convert them into smokers for my snack sticks and sausage. Folow along and give me plenty of pointers. [​IMG]
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    What's your plan ??   We can help if we know what your plan is......

    Electric with a temp controller ??
  3. I ordered a propane burner from Northern Tool.  I figure I will put that in the bottom and build a shelf above it with a 1/4 inch plate to diffuse the heat and set the wood on to get my smoke. What do you think Dave?
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    Propane can be dangerous....  You will need a flame-out detector that shuts off the propane in the event of a flame out...    Flame consumes smoke so you will have to introduce smoke well above the flame.. 

    I'm a fan of electric....   set and forget....   AMNPS for smoke...   especially in a small smoker....  I've got a MES 30...  Probably about 1/3 the size of your very cool new smoker box...   HOWEVER, because I like electric, don't let that slow you down on building yours..

    Below is one example of a gas shut-off device....

    The air inlet to the burner assembly SHOULD be outside the smokehouse so the burner is not starved for air...  OR a dedicated air supply to the burner should be incorporated in the design.....

    I think that burner will be too large (BTU'S) for that size smoker...    Have you thought about a side burner from a BBQ grill...
  5. Good point on the safety gas shut off I didn't even think about that. I converted a side fire box smoker from lowes to propane a few years back. I used a turkey fryer burner for that and it had that safety built in. But you're right this burner has nothing. I did not consider a burner from a bbq. I think I might have one lying around. I will take a look when I get home. Good point on the air inlet too. There are a couple of drains in the bottom of the box but I do not think they will be big enough for air flow. Might have to cut them out bigger.  
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    Think about a LARGE hole in the bottom of the smoker box and having the propane burner totally outside the box...  and you will need many small exhaust holes in the side wall of the box near the top for exhaust...    exhaust holes probably 1" in diameter and probably about 8-12 of those....  propane needs a lot of air and the exhaust needs to move the air in the box for good breathability..  Good airflow is also necessary for great smoked foods...  
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    Something like this.... on pic to enlarge......

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  9. Here are the slots in the top of the cabinet Dave.
  10. I like it I have to read the whole thread yet but the first part I quick looked at looks sweet.
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    Those slots look good....

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