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Discussion in 'Reverse Flow' started by dannyp, Sep 8, 2014.

  1. If you are burning through a lot, amps maybe too high maybe?  That's my favorite goof.
  2. dannyp

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    Not this time. It was just very thin in a couple places from rust. I didnt cut out more since i didnt have anything wider to fill the hole with. It worked out pretty good only having 2 blowout spots. The amps were real low on those spots,but i have done it before with too much power.
  3. dannyp

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    quick question. my buddy that got me the 1/4 inch plate hasn't been able to get any more yet but I spoke to our factory rep that got me the I-beams and they cant get me the 1/4 inch plate but can get me a 1/8th" 7ga 4x8 sheet for $100. is that going to be thick enough for a fire box? they get 3/16th but its more than twice as expensive and cutting it with a grinder will take me several days and several cut off wheels. what are youll's opinion about the 1/8th"
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  4. daveomak

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    No... 1/8 is not good enough.. It will burn through too fast.... and not hold the heat... Use 1/4" inch.... After all the work you will be doing on the smoker, it AIN"T worth short cuts or "cheap way to go".... 5/16 would probably be better....
  5. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    Thanks. Thats what i thought too i just wanted to run it by you guys. Im gonna go see if i can buy some 1/4 inch from the place my buddy works on rail cars.
  6. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    Spent this weekend doing the really sucky stuff. I used the last cutoff wheels i had left to cut the top off the 2x8 i welded in the bottom and ill put a drain in it before i put in the reverse flow plate. I ordered 20 more so when they get here ill cut and install the reverse flow plate and make my grate slides and frames and hopefully by that time ill have the plate to start on the firebox. Since the reverse flow plate will be next i finally decided id quit avoiding it and got the resperator out and put the wire wheel on the grinder and cleaned all the rest of the rust out of the inside of the tank.

    Do you guys think i should wipe down the inside with oil now to prevent surface rust or would that oil mess up me trying to weld the reverse flow plate in?
  7. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    I havent made much progress on this. I help out with the boys at church since i have 2 in the same age group. We took them camping this past weekend.

    Thats me far left and 2 of my boys in the front right in the red and blue shirts.

    I borrowed a smoker from one of the other guys at church to cook on over the weekend. When i got it he had been burning right on the bottom of the firebox so i threw together a fire grate for him (and me since i had to cook on it)

    With no thermometer and at least a 1" gap in the center of the CC door i still managed to do some pretty good ribs.

    On my smoker all ive gotten done is the guides for the 2 racks. Ill probobly make the grates this week. I still havent gotten the steel for the firebox but im sure i will soon.
  8. smokejumper

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    You're a good man Dannyp.

    What with upgrading the borrowed smoker and taking the kids camping, you are making good progress on your own smoker.
  9. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    Thanks smokejumper, I do what i can. I did some work at work that wasnt in my job description and my boss was kind enough to get me a few supplies.

    I rushed home today and started working. I got the big bottom grate all done and in.

    I still have to do the top one and do the anti tip tabs and some kind of pull out stops. Im thinking ill drill a hole in the anti tip tabs and weld a nut to it so i can thread a bolt down until its low enough to catch the back of the grate,that way its removable. Im done this week.Im off to the mountains tomorrow after work for a weekend of camping and offroading in tennessee.
  10. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    Second grill done. I cant wait to see this thing full of meat. I decided im gonna wait to put in the reverse flow plate until i have the firebox on incase i need to access inside where the box will attach. Im gonna start on fixing the trailer next and bugging the heck out of the guys at the scrap yard. My buddy at the traincar place said he probobly wont be able to get any more metal. The company was taken over by beancounters who are getting extreme on material waste so no more usable scrap coming out of there right now.
  11. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    Out with the old.

    In with the new.

    Still have 2 more to go. Welds looked good with 6011 until i got to verticle up. Those will be ground out and redone.

  12. c farmer

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    Vertical welds are hard to do. You have to push the puddle up. Maybe try to go a little slower.
  13. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    Thanks. After i messed them up and called it a night i watched a couple videos and figured out i had my rod angle wrong and my amps up too high. Ill be at it again tomorrow. I really would like to have this done by thanksgiving.
  14. c farmer

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    Rod angle is very important in vertical welds. But I am just a farmer welder.
  15. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    I got the other cross member on and the rear member cut off.i have to wait until the firebox and cc is mounted to do the rear member as it will attach to the firebox. Verticle ups are still ugly but a little better,practice will make perfect one day.

    Next will be cosmetic stuff like cutting off the useless stacks that are on the doors and moving the thermometers because they will hit the top grate in their current location. Im going to borrow a chain hoist to get this thing onto the trailer and mounted. I priced an axle assembly from one of our factories and i think im gonna get one and mount it so itll have some suspension.
  16. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    I borrowed a chain hoist and made some mounts out of left over 2x8 i had. I got the back mounted. I still have to get under the trailer and weld the inside of the mounts but so far so good.

  17. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    All mounted up. No more resting on wood blocks.

  18. daveomak

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    If your welder allows for DC + & -.... try DC- and weld on the down stroke... OR try some 6014 rod... it freezes fast and down weld using it.... You may need the recommended heat for good penetration....

    Also, grinding the parent metal will help.... Rust does not melt.... It will always screw up a weld... Grind the parts before assembling so you can get into tight spots....

  19. dannyp

    dannyp Fire Starter

    Im finally back at this. I really hurt my back and was out of comission for a while. I also had to buy a full sheet of 1/4" to be able to finish. I got the fire box made today.

    I also got the door cut,flanges in behind it,hinges on,and front mostly on. I still have a lot of work on the door, the vents, latch,and reinforcement are next for it

  20. daveomak

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    Glad to hear you're alive and well now....    [​IMG]
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