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  1. Hi All,

    This is my 1st post/thread, I hope I don't appear too stupid and that someone can help. I have an old stainless steel grill with 1 good burner tube left. I plan on taking off the cover, cutting the box level all the way around and building a 2' x 20" x 2' wooden smoking box to affix to the base of the grill. The heat from the one burner on high topped out at 420* and on low, 290*. I figure that those will drop when I add a much larger "smoker box" than the cover that is on it now. When I affix a wooden box to the grill itself, what kind of fire barrier can I put between the wood and the grill so I don't burn the house down? I am contemplating spacing an aluminum flashing in between air pockets?!? 

    Has anyone contemplated something like this? Instead of buying electric burners or creating an offset smoker i would like to try this heat source first.

    Any and all comments welcome.

    Thanks for your time....

  2. Hello and welcome to the fun.  Well ya got me here.  I am used to building things and reading prints but I can't get my head around this.  Smoke chamber attached to the base of burner?  As in burner on top and chamber beneath?  But heat rises?  What is your heat source?  Gas, electric, charcoal?  Afraid you're gonna have to post some picts of the grill and maybe a drawing of your plan.  Although your idea of a wooden smoke chamber that small and that close to a 250-300 degree heat source seems like a good reason to grab the wieners and somores.  Unless you plan to use this as a cold smoker and then why the stainless grill?  Good Luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    I think u would be good to use concrete backer board. I think a few here have used it for their smokehouse but mot sure how high of temps they run with it .
  4. Sorry for the delayed response but, here is the old grill I was talking about...

    I plan on taking off the shelves, cutting the top down and adding a 3ft high wooden smoking structure...

    The one burner that is still usable ....

    My thoughts now are to use hardibacker, with a 1/4 inch air space and then either plywood or tongue and groove pine for the outside. For smoke I will use an AMZNPS. I will have exhaust on both sides for heat regulation. Basically, I am flying by the seat of my pants and am happy for any and all comments!!

    Thanks, GS

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