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Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by harvest122, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. While I finally finished building my smokehouse and it has been a great experience, and it turned out better than I had envisioned.  I got to say last winter I saw a smoker build on a different forum can't remember where but it inspired me to build something much bigger than what I had.  I did see the build I speak of is on this forum as well posted by Rancid Crabtree, and to him I say thanx for giving me the vision to create what i did.  While I started this late last winter and got frusterated with it so put it in the corner until a couple weeks ago when I decided I had to get this thing done.  I don't have a step by step for you but just completed pictures.

    The smoker is built with 3/4 car siding on the exterior, 3/4 plywood with aluminum sheeting on the inside, framed with 2x4's and insulated with 1.5" pink styrofoam board.  I put it on some steel castors to move around because it is extremely heavy.  Inside it has the Northern Tool burner, I plumbed the gas line out of the smokehouse with black iron pipe.  Eight shelves made from expanded steel, and dowels for hanging.  The vent is a 4" stainless steel stack and the intake is a 2.25" x 12" floor vent.  I probably over did it on the hinges with five on the top and two on the bottom, however the last thing I wanted was the door ripping off.  There are thee pull clasps 2 top door, 1 bottom and i just used regular weatherstripping to seal up the doors (seams to take the heat so far).  Smoke will come from a AMNPS. Then I put a 5" trutel in the door to top it off.  While as I'm typing this I have my first smoke going in it with beautiful TBS and two racks of ribs.  When those are done I got a couple salmon fillets waiting their turn.  Hopefully this post will inspire someone to build something similar, just like what happened to me.  I am new to this forum and have truly enjoyed searching the archives for the plethora of information all the members have shared.  There is a ton of priceless info on this site.  Again sorry for no step by step pictures I didn't even take any
  2. whittling chip

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    That is a fantastic build. I've been watching for a build like I would like to have an yours is over the top.

    Thanks for posting,

  3. davidhef88

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    Nice build!!! I'm looking to build something similar in the next couple years.
  4. boykjo

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  5. Very nice sir - very nice!  That is a smokehouse to be proud of for sure  [​IMG]
  6. Would love to build one...soon!

    Ballpark costs?


  7. I'm not exactly sure of the total cost probably $400-450, but I'm sure you could do for less with a couple changes.
  8. Very VERY well done!

  9. lu1847

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    Awesome build mister! You have a very nice piece of equipment there. Job well done.
  10. While I just finished the first smoke and all went well.  It took a little playing around to get the temp to hold where i wanted it, but eventually got it.  I did two racks of ribs and they were delicious.  I also got some salmon that should be done very shortly.  Heres the pics of the first smoke... for some reason the pre smoke pic didn't load and I almost forgot to take a pic before the ribs were all gone. I'll post some salmon pics soon

  11. Wonderful Job!!! As for the hinges, an old engineering quote "When in doubt....make it STOUT!!" 
  12. daveomak

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    harvest122, morning and welcome to the forum.....   Very nice smoker.... Great job.....   

    We would have loved to see the step by step process of your build....  I think you know we love pics..   

    So, that being said, "Shame on you for not including us in your build".....  Us old f&rts love pics you know...  

    OK, OK, pics of finely smoked food will have to do....   MORE PICS (Q-Views) will have to follow....  

    Very glad you joined us.....   Great forum with great members....   enjoy the long smokey ride.....

  13. Thanks Dave, I too wish I would have done a better job taking pictures as the build know what that means there is room for improvement next time
  14. howey

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    Great smoker, gives me some good ideas (to steal) - awesome job.

    Question - do you have a feel for what the maximum temp you can safely operate it at since it is lined with aluminum?

    Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm not really sure what max temp could be safely sustained in this smoker, I do know I turned it up and forgot about it for awhile and came back to it at 325 and it seemed just fine.  Normally I find no reason to go over 250 so i think it should be fine for that.
  16. Wow great looking rig!
  17. roller

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    Thats a great build...
  18. Thanks for the compliments guys, the smokehouse has created some great Q in the last few weeks and I am so glad it has been working well, at first I was worried it was just gonna end up being a good looking storage box. It takes a little work to get the temp right where you want it but once there its pretty easy to sustain a steady temp.
  19. nice
  20. livinnlearnin

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    I'm a newbie to building a smokehouse. I noticed this beauty and am drooling, then something hit me about seeing some smokehouses with plain wood walls and others lined with metal, plus I saw what I'm quoting and now wonder if there is a heat regulation and stability connection... Is one type easier to maintain temps then the other?

    Super nice smokehouse harvest122!!!!

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