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  1. I'm wondering what type of screen you guys use over your smoke house vents/openings to keep the nasties out. Is there a good wire mesh or something? Where's a good place to find it? I looked at Home Depot, but they didn't have much of anything.
  2. The heat keeps the buggers out of my WSM. I'm more afraid of the raccoons tipping my WSM on overnight smokes when I'm sleeping. [​IMG]
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    I woke up one night and a black bear was putting 2 splits in my FB. That didn't really bother me until he opened the cooler, got out a beer and sat down in my favorite lawn chair. When I woke up the next morning, he was gone. So was one of my butts.
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    Look for a window screen repair place that has steel or aluminum screen. They probably have scrap that will fit your needs. 1/8" hardware cloth or expanded metal would work. So would a heat duct register cover...JJ
  5. Thanks Chef J. And thanks...😉

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