Buffalo Wing Style Pork Popper

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    Buffalo Wing Style Pork Popper.

    This pulled pork was on its last leg, it was in the fridge for a while and dried out a bit. I needed to use it up or toss it, so I figured I would make little Buffalo Wing Style Pork Poppers.

    • Pork is processed to a finer consistency using a 3-1 ratio of Barbecue Sauce and Sweet Baby Rays Buffalo Wing Sauce.


    • Celery, onions, and a three cheese blend is added. I added a little bit of romaine to add moisture as well.


    • Mixed well.
    • Had some crescent roll dough in the fridge, asked the Wifey if I could use it...never know what shes got going on for dinners and stuff.


    • Wrapping

    • Its funny, this was one of the last ones, I finally got a decent wrap going.


    • Foiled and coated baking sheet in olive oil.

    • Baked 20 minutes @ 325°, then popped on the broiler for several minutes, I didn't want the bottom to get burnt and they were already golden brown on the bottom.



    • Served with Sour Cream, I had no Blu Cheese dressing.

    I still had some leftover of this mix so I used it to make an awesome taco filling, just add a little cumin and chili powder.

    These would also be great;

    • Battered and deep fried.
    • Stuffing for ABT's
    • Stuffed Peppers with barley
    • Pizza topping
    • Buffalo Wing Style Pork Cheese Steak, Place in a roll add American cheese, wrap in foil, bake 20 minutes @ 300°
    • Taco wraps, wrap in a soft shell taco, wrap taco in microwave safe plastic wrap, microwave for thirty - 40 seconds

    • Most of the heat is lost after baking so don't be afraid to go heavy on the wing sauce or add some chopped jalapenos.
    • They also needed more moisture, These were drier than I would have liked. Make the filling more wet using apple juice, more Pineapple Juice, Wing Sauce, salsa Sprite, etc...
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  2. sqwib that is a interesting way to make leftovers disappear. great job... points

  3. smokinal

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    Looks delicious!

    I like the recipe!


  4. Great lil how to buddy.
    I'm defiantly going to be trying this with any left over pulled pig we have real soon.
    Thanks. Points.

    Happy smoking
    BobBob. 👍
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    Brilliant use of leftovers! I bow to a master!


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    Looks tasty!
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    As Disco said, use of leftovers is truly the Jedi level
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    Great idea for using leftover bbq!  This goes right along with my leftover motto.  When in doubt, mix it with cheese and anything else that sounds good and roll it up in dough.  Crescent rolls, pizza dough, wonton wrappers.  Endless possibilities!

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