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  1. I've wanted to make some lunch meat for a while, and am making pastrami (as are a lot of people on here, since corned beef is about to be dirt cheap) today but wanted to try something different. Saw some turkey breasts and decided that's it. There are two and the weight 1.25lbs each.
    - Made a simple salt, sugar, water brine and put the breasts in it for 5 hours.
    - Took them out and rinsed and refrigerated for the night. This morning I made a little buffalo injection consisting of, 2tbls melted butter, 1tbls hot sauce, 1/2tsp Tony's and filled the two breasts up.
    - Put some more Tony's on the outside and rest for an hour.
    - Put in the MES at 225 with hickory pellets in the AMNPS.
    - Going to take them to 165 IT and let the rest for an hour wrapped in a towel. Then into the fridge they will go till I alive them and the pastrami later tonight.
    Here they are prepped for the smoker:

    They have been on for 2 hours, so updates to follow.
    Thanks for looking,
  2. Update:
    Been on for 2.5hrs. IT on the turkey just hit 140 and the pastrami is at 127. I flipped them both and they will continue on that side till finished.

  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks tasty!
  4. Thanks DS, the turkey is at 163 IT so almost done. I'll post some sliced pics after it cools.
    The pastrami is on pace for dinner in about 3.5 hrs.
  5. Pulled the turkey about 10 minutes ago, got it resting for the next hour then I'll slice. It was really juicy when I was pulling the probe out of it. Here is how it looked coming off:
  6. timberjet

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    Looks great, I see a happy camper at lunch time next week.
  7. sota d

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    Looks great! You can't get lunch meat that good at the deli, that's for sure. Nice job. Thanks for sharing, David. 
  8. waterinholebrew

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    Nice lookin lunch meat !
  9. Thanks guys, about to post the sliced pics of the turkey.
  10. Wow, I sliced the turkey! I loved the flavor, a nice medium heat. It stayed super juicy too.
    So here you go....

    And a close up:
    Thanks again for the compliments, and for taking a look. I'll post the final product of the pastrami when that happens, but this post was about the turkey.
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  11. Last update. Pulled the pastrami at 175IT and sliced off enough for me and the wife. I steamed the slices for 30 minutes. Made some pretty tasty sammies. I'm ready for the day after St Pattys day sale on corned beef. Here it is:

    So I screwed up here, had it made and decided to make a panini...well I burnt the [email protected] out of one side so had to scrap the cheese off and get a new piece of bread:


    Mid meal:

    Thanks for looking,
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  12. waterinholebrew

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    Looks great Kyle, nice job ! Thumbs Up
  13. Thanks WaterinHole, I'm glad I gave it a go.
  14. disco

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    Terrific sandwich meat!

  15. I appreciate it Disco. Need to do a bigger batch next time so I won't feel bad about getting my sliced dirty.
  16. Nice Job. That looks great     [​IMG]

  17. Thanks Gary, turned out delicious. But it's all gone, time to do more.
  18. And I didn't even get a sandwich !!!

  19. I had it all packed up and ready to ship it south, but dang, I turned my back for 2 seconds and it was gone. I'm still looking for it, if I find it I'll let you know.

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