Buffalo Sauce Pork Ribs

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    Last weekend I did 3 racks of ribs and I had cut the lower portions off so that they didn't dry out and also to fit the racks in the smoker.  I decided to try something different with the 3 ends (about 4 bones each) so I brushed on EVOO, and seasoned with S&P, red pepper flake and garlic powder.  I smoked them with just a little hickory for about 3.5 hours on Wednesday night then finished them on the Weber Kettle for about an hour last night, coating them with my home made wing sauce towards the end.  These were Yum!

    One thing I took from this experiment was that I liked the low flavor profile of minimal seasoning.  I might do my next set of traditional ribs seasoned this way instead of with my rub.

    Here's some Q-view, I woulda took more pics but I didn't expect them to be this good so I wasn't planning to post

    Seasoned EVOO, S&P, Garlic Powder and Red Chile Flake:

    Out of the smoker:

    Sauced with Buffalo Sauce (I use a base of Frank's Red Hot, butter and other seasonings)

    Thanks for the look, give them a try!
  2. Looks good! nice smoke ring. Sometimes less is more.

    Happy smoken. 

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    This has been an unspoken contention of mine. I like the flavor of meat. I don't always like covering it with seasoning that masks more than enhances its flavor.
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    Good idea for a 'Guy's lunch , Yotsee  . I like some hot on my Ribs sometimes . I try the Wing Sauce sometime...

    Have fun and . . .
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    The Mrs loved them too!
  6. yotzee

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    That's the best part, do what makes ya happy!!

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