Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sqwib, Jun 3, 2011.

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    Smoked Drumsticks



    I was a bit skeptical about smoking drumettes, but my skepticism was soon averted after my first bite.

    I decided to Smoke a batch of these as appetizers for the evening along with some ribs that I had promised to make for my nieces birthday dinner that needed to be vacuum sealed and frozen for the following week camping at Knoebels..

    It bothers me to half fill a smoker, so I threw on a bunch of onion slices, that were later vacuum sealed and frozen for future cooks.

    So lets get started, I rubbed down about 15 or so drumsticks with my basic rub, placed them on the smoker and salted the skin with some (coarse) kosher salt, went a bit heavy on the salt.

    After 2 hours on the smoker @ 225° - 250°, I sampled my first Drumstick, WOW, it was delightful, the skin had crisped up nicely, mostly all of the fat had rendered out and it was incredibly tender... yes, fall of the bone tender.

    The rub had penetrated the meat nicely and was very flavorful.

    The skin had a nice flavor and was salty but not too salty, I wonder if the salt had anything to do with helping the skin crisp up?

    I then split the batch in half, placed a hotel pan on the firebox, melted some butter in "Frank's Red Hot", threw the drumsticks in the pan, coated liberally and placed back in the smoker.

    I left them in the smoker until the sauce had thickened, shifting the drumsticks often to coat them, making sure not to destroy them. Interestingly enough the skin did not get gummy or rubbery in the sauce, I suppose enough of the fat was rendered from the skin to prevent this... I cant handle rubbery skin!

    I suggest Serving the hot ones with some celery sticks and bleu cheese, the heat really creeps up on you, you can also add a cup of Ranch Dressing to the hot sauce to mellow it out a bit.

    Serve the mild ones with Ranch Dressing for dipping or your favorite Barbecue Sauce.

    These were a huge hit with the entire family.

    I am gonna try cutting the heat with some with apple cider and do a batch with some orange juice.

    Below are some pics and how I prepared them, I kept it as simple as possible and with doing that, I know I can have some quick appetizers with minimal effort.










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  2. boykjo

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    Looks awesome swib.............[​IMG]
  3. Looks awesome Sqib. Gotta love a simple appetizer.
  4. fpnmf

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  5. raptor700

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    Your drumsticks look awesome, very nice color. They look tasty.

    Nice pics too, the Bearview was great.

  6. bearcarver

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    Outstanding SQWIB !!!

    Nice BearView!!!

    Normally BearView should be Zoomable, but you got in there so close, you got this old Bear's tongue hanging out!!!


  7. meateater

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    Very nice!!!!!!!![​IMG]
  8. I'd never thought smoked buffalo wings, looks great. I love buffalo wings.
  9. bmudd14474

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    Looks great.
  10. smokinal

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  11. africanmeat

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    You are killing me  Wow What a meal

    thanks for the Qview
  12. sqwib

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    Zoomable, how do you do that? Cant get mine to zoom in from webshots.

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  13. bearcarver

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    I leave my pics larger than the forum will post them, so the forum shrinks them when I use "Insert Image".

    Then when you "left-click" on the pic, they come up big again.

    I think everybody that doesn't shrink them first, or doesn't go through Photo-bucket first, has "Zoomable" pics.

    When I click on your's, it pops up the same size, so I'm guessing your camera is set to take them that size, or you shrank them some where along the way.

    I don't know much about cameras or computers, but that is my guess.

  14. venture

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    Those are some nice looking wings!  Some folks here say that anything that can be cooked can be smoked.  There are some things that I still don't smoke, but seeing those wings, I will be smoking some real soon!

    Good luck and good smoking.
  15. sqwib

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    I post them directly from my website or from webshots, which is 600 max.

    My pics are taken at 5184 x 3456,

    may try putting the "Money Shots" in the album on here.
  16. chef willie

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    YUM....got some legs in the freezer to do up....good inspiration, love Buffalo style......mo' hotter, mo' better
  17. sqwib

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    Ok bear try this, hope this works




    Uploaded from Desktop
  18. thunderdome

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    Is it lunch time yet?

    Did you have your macro on for those close-ups?
  19. bearcarver

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    Holy SHOOT !

    I don't even think those pics are Legal !!!

    That's gotta be Grizzly BearView !!!



  20. biaviian

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    If you use the thick Franks then it will cut the heat for you. It seems like it is about 1/2 the heat yet the same flavor (except it is as thick as ketchup).  I too do this but on the grill.  I haven't used Franks in the smoker yet.

    Looks great!!

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