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  1. 9 days ago I started on my scientific method for finding my perfect BBB recipe.

    I decided to start with a whole boneless pork shoulder from Costco that weighed around 7 lbs. I butterflied it as shown in the wiki.

    I used Pops brine recipe but doubled the recipe due to me not knowing if 1 would cover all the pork (one would have sufficed and I'll stick with one in the future). I substituted the sugar in the recipe for Maple Syrup however due to me wanting maple bacon (and people around me tend to like it a bit more). Also I only used 2/3 cup of salt for the whole batch.

    Today I have pulled out the pork and did a fry test (not quite salty enough for me actually). I then cut each butterflied section of pork in half again so I can smoke the bacon 4 different ways to try and nail down a flavor profile I want. I am trying maple smoke, apple smoke, cherry smoke and oak smoke.

    I will update as soon as my whole process is down and let you know what I decide on the final method or next testing batch is going to look like.

    Also question about the curing liquid. I'm assuming I am to just pitch it afterword but if its okay to use again I'd like to know since throwing it out would be wasteful.
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    Any Q-views ?
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    reusing your brine is not recommended
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    Great Idea!
    I started using Hickory, but some people don't like the "Bite" hickory smoke can leave. I switched to Apple and never looked back

    Try spreading on Pure Maple Syrup or Honey all over the slab, and then some Cracked Black Pepper(CBP)
    I tried this on my last batch, and it was by far our favorite.

  5. So, First two smoke batches are out and general consensus is in!

    Maple Smoke-

    Everyone loved the sweetness it had when served cold (I hot smoked the bacon so it could be eaten cold) however when fried up the sweetness turned a bit (a bit too caramel-like I guess)

    Apple Smoke-

    Again when served cold it was good but the smoke was more harsh so not quite as good cold. Fried up though it was everyone's favorite.

    I'm going to stick with Apple smoke because it was my preference overall because I know I'll generally fry up my bacon.

    Next I'll (in a couple weeks) try out some different spices in the cure and perhaps try my hand at pepper bacon!
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    No Q-View = Didn't happen
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    I heard bears crap in the woods but never seen one........
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         Sounds like your on your way already but thought I would share this anyway... This is my uncles recipe and I've used 3 times (1 ham and 2 batches of bacon) and it is a huge hit with my Fam and friends. This way you get the maple flavor that you want but don't have to guess with the sugar amount. Can't wait to see some pics... Happy Smoking, Smokin - K

    Maple Brine Recipe (Great for Bacon and Hams):

    3 Gallons Water

    6 cups Brown Sugar

    2 cups White Sugar

    1 1/2 tsp maplelene (concentrated maple flavoring - blue and white box in the spice section of your local grocery store)

    3 TBS Liquid Smoke (I would cut this back a little if not completely out - for heaven sakes you smoke bacon for 8+ hours)

    2 cups Salt

    3 TBS #1 Pink Salt

    2 TBS of Fennel Seed

    Inject Belly (anything over 2" thick) with brine then cover pork belly with remainder so that it is completely submerged... 5 to 6 days and you should be ready. Fry test (a little drying out) and then smoke. I cut the recipe in half and was able to do one 10 pound belly in a tub.   

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