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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by brettcox, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. brettcox

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    My masterbuilt gas smoker that I received for Xmas seems to have a broken valve. I'm getting enough gas to get the temp up to 100 degrees and turning the gas knob seems to make no difference. I used it a week ago with no problems.

    I have about 10 lbs of chicken in it right now and I have few questions.

    1) Can the valve be fixed and if so how?
    2) If the valve can't be fixed can I go ahead and smoke at 100 for a few hours and finish in the oven?

    Since it is the 4th not much is open and I have about 15 people counting on me for the chicken.
  2. Don't know about fixing it but smoking chicken at 100 degrees for a couple hours sounds to me like a recipe to make your 15 people sick.  You may want play it cautious and change your plan to BBQing them or something to get that IT over the danger zone a lot quicker.
  3. Dang the luck.   Have you checked the lp connection to make sure nothing in the end restricting it?  Also check to make sure no spiders decided to make a home in the venturie. Other then that do you have another regulator and tank to try?  Good luck.
  4. brettcox

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    I changed the tanks at first thinking I was low on propane. I checked the line and it seems clear but the valve on the smoker appears to either be off or on and on low.
  5. lamar

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    Try turning the valve on the tank off,  loosen the fitting to release any pressure,  then reconnect and turn the valve on the tank SLOWLY.  There are pressure devices in the regulator that can close if pressure is applied from the tank too fast and will result in limited flow.

    Good luck.
  6. most valves are not made to be off or low. if they quit they usually gall and not turn or leak by. but if a critter climbed into the venturie that can act as a plug or restriction. what color is the flame?
  7. brettcox

    brettcox Newbie

    The flame is slightly yellow but mostly blue. I'll try messing with the tank, but since it works on the grill I don't think it'll make a difference. Now to expose my newbieness what is a venturie and how do I clear it?

    Just so no one worries for my 15 people I'm now trying to smoke them on my grill. I heard it can be done, I'm just concerned I was to slow about it.
  8. the burner, clear back to where the valve goes into it. there should be a round cap that looks like a vent there. that is where you adjust the air - gas mix. things like to climb up there and stay. you might be able to use a gun cleaning brush and clean it out without removing it. but you might have to remove the burner cap and burner to clean it good. other then that back to regulator to make sure nothing clear inside connection restricting the regulator.

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