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    i heard these are very efficient cookers can anyone tell me how these run for low and slow cooks? does it maintain a steady temperature for 12 hours on one load of charcoal? 
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    Hey there,
    I've had a Broil King Keg for a couple of years now. It is a very efficient cooker. No problem holding a L&S for 13 hrs on one load of lump. I found it a bit sensitive at first until I got to know it. it is well insulated and does not have a lot of thermal mass like a BGE. Not having experience at first, I got a digi q from the Guru. With that rig I can dial in any temp and it sits there like a rock for as long as you like.
    I did a few mods, added a 3/4" port with a ball valve for the digi Q fan, a rotisserie unit (just finished that, only did a pork roast so far, great) , added a cast iron pizza pan and bracket for indirect cooking.
    For the end of the story, I REALLY like this smoker/cooker/ grill. It can do everything well. Stears, roasts, burgers, chicken, pizza, low and slow to blazing hot. I have a small yard, not a lot of space for multiple units. I got the trailer hitch for transporting.. I think it well built and well designed.
    If you have any questions I'll answer whatever I can

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