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  1. athabaskar

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    When I saw this puppy at the store I had to have it. Almost 18 1/2 pounds of beefy goodness. I smoked it Saturday, but I could hardly sleep Friday night from the anticipation. Mrs. Athabaskar and I rolled out at 5:00am and we had this guy and a friend on before 7:00am. It was a beautiful Texas autumn day for smoking. I don't recall the exact time it was finished because there had been a lot of crushed aluminum cans and a fair amount of shots of amber liquid thrown back as well. I think it was dark, but that may have just been my vision. Anyway, I give you Brisketzilla - enjoy!
    Oh the excitement!

    Edited for photo resize.
  2. werdwolf

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    Looks good. I have yet to do one of these, I think I might have to move it to the top of the to do list.
  3. beer-b-q

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  4. athabaskar

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    Thanks for the link Beer-B-Q. I was at that thread studying where I went wrong. Thanks for the image help too. I'm a noob when it comes to posting photos. You guys are the best!
  5. Man ya better pack a lunch for that one[​IMG]
    I try to top out at 15lbs. I can can barely stand waiting that long[​IMG]
  6. chainsaw

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    That looks great-is it like a shoulder-about 12 hours, foil, rest, etc? I am waiting for an event, just two of us. How do you freeze the best way?
  7. athabaskar

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    You can expect it to take as long as a shoulder, and probably longer. I didn't foil this one. In fact I never foil brisket. It is going to plateau for probably the better part of 6 hours, so you need to be prepared to wait. As we all know, the secret is low and slow. I never let the temp go over 225 and the meat is so juicy you could ring it out if you squeezed it. I leave the fat cap on, facing upward. It rested overnight towel wrapped in a cooler until I pulled it in the morning. The burnt ends were still crunchy and it was still very warm. That dog that looks so disinterested in the pic was giving me her full attention then...

    We held out one quart for dinner last night (awesome), and had 8 more quarts to freeze in ziplock freezer bags. The bags were placed in a plastic tub for freezing and to keep things organized. I don't worry about freezer burn because it won't be in the freezer long enough for that.
  8. tomthegrillguy

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    Looks great. I think I can taste it from here!
  9. azkitch

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    Holy MOLY! That looks wonderful. Congrats on a good job. And thanks for the pics.
  10. alx

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    Nice JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is a 19 pounder i did in august
  11. I actually saw one of these in our restaurant supply grocery store and I was going to buy it. It scared me! It's so big. Now that you've shown photos, I'm going back and getting one of those bad boys.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    Jill, aka Smokin' J
  12. bassman

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    Great looking brisket! I have two in the freezer. One is 17 pounds and the other is 13 pounds. I may do both at once so I'll have plenty to freeze.
  13. Great looking briskets, ALX.

    Thanks for blowing those pics up Paul. I was squinting to see the originals.

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