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  1. cruizer

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    I am probably starting something that has been covered before. But I still consider myself a knubie. I have two big briskets brought back from Missouri that will not fit in my 30 in. mes. Can I just slice them in half for the fit. What about the the flat and point. Maybe someone could show me the proper way to trim for an mes. [​IMG]
  2. mulepackin

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    This will show you how to separate the flat and point. The flat could then be divided in half to fit if need be. The point should fit after separating it out. Sure it's been covered before, and will be again, but thats what this place is all about, asking and finding things out.
  3. huskersmokeman

    huskersmokeman Smoke Blower

    Well, Cruiser, I just did the brisket thing this weekend, and I had a 13 pounder and the same problem as you. After getting some good advice here (as always), I cut just enough of the thinner flat side away to be able to load it in the smoker. I actually got out the tape measure to cut the thing. As I recall, if you whittle it down to 15", it'll fit in there.
    Here's mine:
  4. smokebuzz

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    Don't seperate the flat/point, get a juice can and set the brisket over it to hump it up.
    Won't fit in a 30" space? how big are they, i have put 13# briskets on a WSM and not had much trouble.
  5. scubadoo97

    scubadoo97 Smoking Fanatic

    The racks on the 30" MES are only 14" X 14". The last full brisket I did was bent to fit and as it shrunk during cooking it fit just fine. I would avoid cutting unless you have to.
  6. cruizer

    cruizer Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Thank for the imput everyone. I hope to post some Qvue this weekend. [​IMG]
  7. bigbaldbbq

    bigbaldbbq Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    Good luck with it. Can't wait to see the Q-view.
  8. steevieg

    steevieg Fire Starter

    This may be genius. I have been worrying myself silly trying to figure out a way to put a 12# brisket on my WSM. This may just be the ticket.

    Thank you very much for the idea. You don't happen to have a picture of the brisket like this do you?
  9. smokebuzz

    smokebuzz Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sorry, i don't have a pic of a brisket on my WSM, i typically do them on my Horizon Marshall
  10. steevieg

    steevieg Fire Starter

    Thanks anyway. How big of a juice can do you use and do you stand it on end or lay it down? I suppose whatever makes it fit is the way to do it, right?
  11. smokebuzz

    smokebuzz Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    whatever pineapple juice comes in ,,46? oz or 64oz. uselly to busy drink'n it and reading is over rated[​IMG]
  12. I can't see why it would be a crime to cut the brisket to size. I know of quite a few comp teams that cut their briskets down tot he size of their turn-in boxes before they cook it. That way they're not presenting a "trimmed" brisket slice. As long as you cook it the same way you would an untrimmed one, I don't see how the out come would be any different.

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