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  1. Hey guys. I'm considering splitting my cook time for a 8 lb brisket over two days. I was thinking 4-5 hours on smoke today and another 4-5 hours in the morning after refrigerating overnight. Anyone have any luck or experience with this method? I know it's not ideal but im stuck w scheduling conflicts.

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  3. Good read. Thanks.
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    I think you may be putting yourself at risk. If you only smoke it for 4 or 5 hours you would need to get it thru the danger zone before cooling it down in the fridge. I'm not real sure about this so I would like Chef Jimmy J answer your question. I hope he will be along shortly.

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    This technique is not unlike smoking a Roast Beef and then reheating left overs. While this is fine for intact meat, with Injected Meat a minimum IT of 160°F will limit the risk of live internal bacteria being able to multiply from going thru the Danger Zone multiple times...JJ

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