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  1. roadking65332

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    I smoked a brisket yesterday and when I went to cut it was more like pulled pork than brisket any ideas on what I might have done wrong
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    Overcooked...Brisket to be sliced should be tender but not falling apart. Next run start testing for tenderness at an IT of 190*F. A toothpick will penetrate easily when done . This happens between 190*F and 195*F. Rest at least 20-30 minutes tented with foil on the counter or up to 5 hours wrapped in foil and towels in a cooler. If the IT goes much over  195*F before the rest, carryover will take it to 200-205*F. At this temp the collagen that holds the meat fibers together will be denatured, melted into gelatin, and the meat will fall apart and easily pulled but not slice very nice unless cold from the refer...JJ
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    First brisket?

    You have to let brisket set and cool before cutting it. Its really important, I know a lot of folks that will actually rest them in the reefer for 20/30 mins first. Mine sit at least 45 mins.

    Second takes a sharp knife, not almost sharp, a sharp knife. You have to draw the blade across the grain and not try to saw it. The difference between a beautiful brisket and a terrible one is the slice. Pull a sharp knife across the grain.

    Your brisket is falling apart tender and you're complaining, heck I'd hit it with some sauce and be tickled pink to have a sandwich! I would tell everyone I planned it that way.

    I cooked a brisket today and as usual just started right in on it and had to back away and let it rest to slice it. Its not uncommon. Its like a pie, just because its out the oven doesn't mean you can slice it yet.

    Congrats on your tender brisket, think of the folks who have not been here yet and had a tuff one.

    Wasn't it a beautiful day to smoke today?
  4. roadking65332

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    Thanks for the replies no it wasn't my first brisket actually was the first time that happened. I let it set for about 45 minutes before slicing thought maybe I didn't let it set long enough before slicing

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