Brisket......You will not win this time!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by corjen, May 5, 2012.

  1. HAHA, how are you all doing??? Well the last 2 briskets won........both, after very long stalls, and family and friends complaining of hunger, ive had to take them off before I wanted. They had great flavor, just were not as tender as I would like. 

    Tonight, I will be putting them on @ midnight ( 2 8lbs'ers)............. for a 5pm Sunday dinner. Wish me luck in the upcoming brisket battle!!!

    Pix will follow!!!
  2. rdknb

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    Good Luck and good smoking
  3. here are the starters......[​IMG][​IMG]

    Notice the toothpicks, to keep track of the grain as the get ready for the big dance,,,,,,,,
  4. 12:00 am, 06 may 12..... here we go!!!!![​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Love my YODER!!!!!!!!
  6. bmudd14474

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    Cant wait to see the results.
  7. Another victim of the stall, eh?

    We've all been there!

    Best of luck, and feel free to pad your time, you can always keep the meat warm in a cooler after the smoke if it finishes early!
  8. update from 7 am........internal temp 150-160, time for the texas crutch.......

    p[​IMG][​IMG]  1

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