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Discussion in 'Beef' started by czechm8, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Did a brisket this weekend on the weber and it was my first run with the smokenator.

    Rather than a dry rub, I went with a thick marinade consisting of:


    I poured it in a gallon ziplock with the 2.5 pound flat brisket and let it set in the fridge overnight.


    Put it on the grill with the smokenator running...


    At first the temps were running above 250 degrees...  Then it eventually leveled out after I closed down the lower vent, and almost completely closed down the top vent.  But, I smoked this bitch for 6 hours and it was still only registering 165 degrees internal.  So I had to foil it and put in the oven at 350 for about 40 minutes.... everybody was hungry and yelling at me. lol.

    After the 40 minutes in the oven it was at 195 internal and I called that good... it wasn't as tender as I had hoped, but it wasn't horrible either.




    The wings were done with the same marinade with the addition of:


    I put them on the grill after the first hour and smoked them alongside the brisket...  They came out AWESOME.

    I need to keep working with the smokenator... it didn't seem reasonable that a 2.5 pound brisket would take over 6 hours.  But, the bigger problem was that I didn't put it on the grill until 1pm so time became my enemy.  Next time I'll just get it on there early so I can let it go as long as it really has to.
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    Nice looking smoke ring in that money shot!  You have it right -- start earlier so you can take all the time that piece of meat needs.  Probably a little tougher b/c of the rush at the end.  And remember that every piece of meat is different; some cook quickly, and others take a loooooong time.  Even the same cuts and weights.  I've seen small pork butts and beef briskys go much longer than you might expect.  If things finish earlier than you really need, just wrap the foiled meat in towels, place in a cooler, and serve whenever the rest of dinner and the diners are ready.  That puppy will stay nice and hot until you are ready to serve it!
  3. Great looking brisket...excellent looking plate. Thanks for the Q-view...[​IMG]
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    Nice looking brisket,

    Those flats can go long and time will become a factor.

    I try to allow 2 - 2½ hrs per lb just for that reason.

    If it gets done early, it will keep for several hours in a cooler.

    Nice job, It looks good from here.

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    Great looking brisket! Nice meal you put together!   [​IMG]
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    It looks good and yummy[​IMG]
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    good lookn Q you got there "smoke the B!#$*+"  lolz sounds like you went gangster on it bro....[​IMG]
  8. Hey CzechM8, looks great to me. I'm going to be doing one this Saturday

    or Sunday and plan on giving it about 6-8 hours for a 4 pounder. 

    Great looking Brisket, thanks for the Qview...James
  9. Thanks everyone...  It was a GREAT meal.  There were 3 adults and we killed 16 wings, a 2.5 pound brisket, pound of potato salad, pound of garlic herb taters and a pound of corn. lol.  Had 3 little slices of brisket left when we were done.  So, I took that as an indicator that it didn't suck. [​IMG]

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