Brisket via Emril?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by hobkyl, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Yeah, right!  I don't know what foodTV was smoking (besides meat) when they posted that but there is no way a 4 pound brisket will get to 195 in 4-5 hours at 200 degrees.  NO WAY.

    You're not missing anything, they are.

    I did a two pound brisket a little while back at 240 and it was 6 hours before it hit 195 - and it was tough...tasted good but tough.

    Stick with us, we won't steer you wrong.  [​IMG]

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    Ok thanks. I am making a dinner for a group while on vacation next week. First time smoking. Since I'm on vacation I don't want to be tending a smoker all day.

    My other options I think I feel comfortable with are meatloaf, split chicken breasts, or turkey thighs.

    Any suggestions? Fairly easy, under 6 hr smoke time.


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