Brisket up to 170 under 4 hours? What?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kfons, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. I have a propane master forge 2 door. Started my brisket and kept at 250 since 6am. I'm less than 4 hours in and the MES-73 thermometer is reading 172. Is the probe in wrong? Is it possible it's already that hot? It's a 6.5 lb brisket. I was going to foil at 170 degrees but I'm skeptical if the temp is right?
    Need some advice - quick!
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    Pull the therm out and check it in boiling water, if it is accurate in the water than go with it.
    It is possible the meat could have got up to that temp in 4 hours and also possible you could hit a high temp stall or it might just push through and be done early. Sometimes these things just have a mind of their own and exact same cuts of meat can cook differently.
    Checking your therm for accuracy is the first place to start though.
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    I am not surprised. I don't understand how some can have them go 12 hours. In my GOSM, I would get them done in 6 hours or so. Finally I lowered the temps down to 215 to 220º and managed to get them in the 9 1/2 hour range.  Temp gauges on smoker are fine.
  4. I lowered the smoker down to 225 and the meat probe now dropped 2 degrees, maybe I don't have it in the meat right?
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    How's it going?
  6. It got to 205 in the foil in 6 hours, n the cooler for 2 hours plus, will know soon
  7. Turned out pretty good, a little dry in e flat but still tender enough, not falling apart tender but great flavor
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    Next time try a 1/2 can or so of Beef Broth when you go to foil.

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