Brisket too big???

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jeepdiver, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Ok, trying to attach the small ones as attachments
  2. Yep, I see them fine. [​IMG]

    Ok, added medium pics to Qview. Do these show up?
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    I got here too late to offer any advise (Not that I had any real quality advice to offer) But I would have and will say "GO FOR IT!"

    The juice in the meat is already there, you are not going to get any juicier (with the exception maybe of injections) The trick is to keep plenty of the existing juices in the meat while you cook it. Ease off on the salts, well on smaller cuts this can help. Coat with an oil, again this will help on a smaller cut but it will also marginally affect your smoke ring. It won't make all that big of a difference on this big ole chunk of meat I don't think. Foil and pan are most likely gonna be the best tools at your disposal on a huge chunk like this.

    I am glad that you went hole for a few reasons. Looks, pride and I also think that you get a better or juicer end product
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    That's a problem I bemoan frequently. Ever since pork becme "The Other White Meat", They raise them in confinements and control their diets. One trick I learned is to do bone in rib sections, kinda like BBribs before they cut the meat off. I hardly ever do boneless loin anymore because it's so often tight and dry. Stuffing helps, but doen't fix it totally.

    I understand that Cargill is working on producing better marbled pork for those of us that understand the value of fat.
  5. smokyokie

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    That would be the culprit. Bark, or crust if you will isn't something we generally look for on a brisket bring as we slice it. Bark on pulled pork, on the other hand, or ribs for that matter is a necessity. Just curious, why do you wait so long to put a pan under it to catch the juices.

    Just a little tip, when you separate the juice from the grease, put a couple TBS of the smoky grease in your beans. It really lights them up.

    BTW, we usually se them for around $1#around summer holidays, $1.50 otherwise.
  6. I don't know, it probably doesn't make a lot of difference, but I've always thought that with a pan under it, it would slow the smoke penetration down. On smaller cuts, I do it sooner, just like it to get full force of the smoke under it until it gets up to temp.

    Surprisingly enough, this thing hasn't release much juice at all since I started it. The water pan didn't have much last night, and there isn't hardly anything in the foil pan. Figure when it hits 170 and I foil it, I may see some then.

    I like the crispy edge on my brisket even when it's sliced. I'd guess you would get some of this if you sear it, so you wouldn't need the rub that way. I may try that next time.
  7. Back in MS and even the Panhandle of FL you can find them for $2.00/lb but I guess up here they just don't carry them much and charge for them. I have a feeling if I went a little more into Southern VA instead of here around the DC burbs, I could find them cheaper.
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    The bulk of the smoke deposition occurs on the top surface of the meat whether it's on a rack or in a pan. If you want more smoke on the bottom, flip it over for an hour or so.

    Remember too that smoke ring is mostly for show. The true smoke penetration occurs later in the cooking process, especially if you use a braising method.
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    wow....nice red x's........hehehe

    i found that in have to make sure you send messages using html

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    here in iowa........were we raise pigs by the acre full..........left and right coasters are buying their pork from here......cause we are starting to raise em with more marbling and fat caps.........they finally figured out, the pork is jucier that way........duh!

  11. Hum, I'm just posting them to the board, using the web not email
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    my bad........was reading squeezy's post when i replied


  13. Well 19 hours later, it looks like we are stuck on a 2nd plateau. I got up at 6:00 this morning and it was at 135, stayed there until about 12:00, then hit 154 about an hour ago and has been there since then.

    It hasn't changed much since the last pics, so no more QView for now.
  14. walking dude

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    wow two plateaus.....bummer...

    good info there.......thankx

    will watch for that when i do my brisket here soon, makes up abit for planning meal time

  15. smokyokie

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    You could probably have thet thing cooked in 8-10 hrs if you cooked it @ 275* and not give up an ounce of tenderness.
  16. Well it's now at 23:30 and at 158, so I went ahead and cut the heat up to 275. It's been at 215 this whole time, so it should be close to whatever it's going to do tender wise by now.

    I figured I was in for the long haul anyway, so I've been real carefull about not letting the temp creep up too much. Hopefully this will help it along and get it done.

    This has become a personal challange at this point to get this thing done and make it super tender.

    Though one thing I've learned is the GOSM can got at least 24 hours on one bottle
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    So, if a brisket comes out tough after all of these instructions, is there a way to make it tender?
  18. gypsyseagod

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    so is it done yet ? i'm starving man... took my frozen 1/2 smoked skit out to that cause ya made me hungry again...... it's all yer fault... every time i open my fridge my place smells like a smokehouse....
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    Was there any particular reason for smoking this big boy at 215* instead of at a higher temp around 240-250* or Okie’s method at bit higher at 275*? Not slamming your method, just curious is all.
  20. walking dude

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    so.....if its a HUGE brisket cook it at a higher temp @ 275?

    i realize the 225-250 target........but higher temp cook it faster and still be tender?


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