Brisket too big???

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jeepdiver, Sep 6, 2007.

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    Debi, it's just not as good if you don't have the fat in the middle during the smoke and the resting period. That's why we do whole packer trims as opposed to flats and points. That big hunk of fat in the middle is what gives it it's good flavor (albeit artery clogging).[​IMG]
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    Got to go with SmokyOkie on that one .... gotta have the fat! [​IMG]
  3. walking dude

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    just much per lb. did you pay for that monster?

    and here i am worried bout doing a 10 lber

  4. I don't know, but if your gunna cook a big brisket like that, ya might as well get a big butt to go with it. [​IMG]
  5. It has a decent amount of fat between, but not a lot. The fat cap is all the way across, just not very thick. After taking it out of the package I noticed that the whole thing is actually marbled a good bit for a brisket so I think it will be tender enough.

    I put it on about 6:00, and have no where to be until 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, so I'm hoping for the best. Unfortunately since my only other grill right now is a Holland, I don't really have anything that I can sear it on (Don't even have a pan big enough to do it on the stove) so I'm just going to do it supper slow and see what I get. It's on the smoker with a good bit of rub to crust it up, and I've got a spray of Apple Juice, Sam Adams Oktoberfest, and EVOO ready to hit it good every hour.

    I'll wrap it in the morning (it probably won't hit 170 until late morning, I've done 10 pounders overnight and they didn't hit it until about 6:00 am with them going on around 8:00).

    Then I just made a batch of sauce/glaze that is basically sugar, salt, vinegar, and pepper (Sorry can't give out the recipe as long as the restaurant I stole it from is still open lol). I'll mop it with that, foil it, then take it out of the foil for the last hour and mop it again to get it to crust up good.

    I'm also going to put a pan under it in about another 2 hours to catch all of the good juice.

    It cost $3.12/lb. A little higher than I think it should have been, but not too bad. I did find one other store that had them, and they wanted 8.99 a pound.
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    9.00 A POUND?????? for a PACKER?

    THEY on *****?????

    good thing the miller high life beer truck driver doesn't know bout that

    man........won't even say what i payed for mine.......

  7. Yeah I think so. It was one of the fancy high dollar stores in the DC Suburbs, but I was getting desperate, though I'll never be that desperate. People will just be happy with chicken, or can kiss my ass before I'll pay anything close to that.
  8. walking dude

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    1.48/lb here in iowa

  9. squeezy

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    Here in Ontario averages $3.99 lb. ... [​IMG]
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    Enough of this talk!!! (though it does sound good!) We want pic's [​IMG]
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    like flat iron steak.....flank steak.........even bottom round........when the stores found out how it was great for jerky making.....price went up

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    The bacon thingie rules! I do almost all my pork loins that way. For some reason, they tend to be WAYYY lean up this-away.
  13. I've taken a few, and will take more in the morning and post then. To lazy to upload them now. Though it is beginning to look good. The crust really hasn't formed yet, but I think that's because I'm spraying it regularly. Think it will be looking good in the am.
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    the pit has to be kosher too- i.e.- if ya ever cooked pork it's tainted- that ain't me- i saw that on hogan knows best. it's true but i did mean it to be A funny- now 3.89 a lb ??? aww sheesh.... gotta miss texas on that 1.
  15. Yeah I know that, but luckily they aren't that picky. They aren't strict enough to worry about if pork has been on the grill, they just don't want to eat it, or have it cooked on their food. The pork fatties are going on the bottom rack (though I hate to loose all of those good drippings)
  16. Well it's not 9:30 and it's been holding at 136 since I got up at 6:00.

    Here are the pics I promised, with more to come later

    The beast in the Kitchen sink with rub on it.


    After about 2.5 hours

    4 hours

    and a couple at 13 hours


    Well got to run now, the fridge died some time yesterday and I didn't notice it was warming up until this am. Got to try and get someone over to save the stuff in it (It's all in the cooler on Ice now, got to check the damage in a little bit). And since the freezer is on the blink too, I'm now adding another fatty, turkey breast, and some chicken breast to the smoke tomorrow.
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    Drat ... all I'm seeing is red x's ??

    Update ... went back to email and was able to access all the pix from there. And now iditing this, they show up in the editor .... enuf to make you go HUH!
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  19. Are they not showing up? There on my Pbase account, I've used it on other forums but not here before? [​IMG]
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    Can u see them here???

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