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Discussion in 'Beef' started by helljack6, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Well, it's been a few weeks since I cooked at work and everyone was itching for some food so last night after I got off I went around and was able to find an 11lb Packer Brisket. Took it home and put it in the fridge. Came to work this morning and fired the UDS up with about 25-30 coals and let it rip while I prepped the brisky, from cryovac to UDS in 15 minutes!

    Covered it down in Mike Mills' modified Magic Dust and Fatboy Premium Rub and put it in the UDS at 350 (doing another high heat brisket) at 745 and just came back from foiling at 2.5 hour mark. Just for kicks and grins I went ahead and temped it, 165 at the thickest part of the packer, i'm happy. I have pictures but since i'm at work, I can't upload anything due to our firewall restrictions so I'll email them to someone who can. Stay tuned! Brisket, it's what's for lunch!!
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    Looking good..........
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    Thanks Dawn for the upload. Looking like a good start.
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    Looking good!
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    Everything look awesome but I'm alittle concerned with the high heat i know you have made a science of it. But it's the low and slow theory and the breaking down the connective tissues in a hunk of meat of that size. How tender is it is my biggest question and it looks juicy and all but its the tenderness thing I guess.
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    I get the same tenderness you're going to get doing low and slow. The biggest difference for me is the way I do it, is I DON'T suffer from temperature plateau, and if I do, it's not noticeable to me at all because I cook to time, not final temperature. Because of the high heat, the temperature is constantly rising and breaks through the plateau region effortlessly.

    I pulled this one at 3:55 minutes, the brisky was literally just shy of hot knife into butter tender. I kept it tent foiled and let it rest for 30 minutes as I was serving immediately and when I unfoiled to start slicing, I could have used a butter knife to slice it with it was that tender and juicy.

    I'm all about people having their own ways of doing things, for me, this works because I cook a lot for the guys while I'm at work and we have very specific break/lunch schedules that aren't too flexible because of the line of work we do. 4.5 hours start to finish to let the juices redistribute themselves isn't bad considering I also capture all the juices exuded during the final cooking stage. If slow and low is your preference, i'm ok with that. Just please don't knock it until you try it.

    11lb Packer Brisket
    350 for 2.5 hours unfoiled (temp's going to be around 160-170 when you do, temp it and tell me otherwise)
    375-400 for last 1.5 hours (you'll spend that last 40 minutes testing for tenderness. When the probe slides into it like a hot knife cutting butter, it's done).
    Rest it for however long you need based on your dining schedule.
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    Done em both ways.Like em both.More of a mood thing with me....Comp judges like more smoke ring around here...Lower and slower for that.

    Great job.Thanks for your service....[​IMG]
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    Tried it today and it worked out very well. Thanks for the idea Le. [​IMG]
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    I thought you were shorter than this picture seems. Are you standing on a stool?

    Enough joking. Looks great. Glad to hear that you have a method that works for you. I will give it a try one day to see. [​IMG]

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