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  1. dewetha

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    I am gathering some intel for my first brisket smoke. probably 2 months from now:)

    I have some info already but i am missing a few pieces for process. so if kind brisket people give me some pointers. I would appreciate and gotcha's.

    now for a few specific questions

    1. Reducing time by cutting the brisket into smaller chunks. this appeals to my need to sleep and my fear of an unattended flame.

    I know I have seen something about cutting the point? but how small can you cut it up for a good brisket?

    2. Injection. how much volume of liquid do i make? I know my mileage may vary but i need a starting point. the plan is to inject and then mix this with the dripping for an aus jus.

    3. how long does an injection solution need to sit in the brisket? 1 hr? 12hr?

    here is my process so far. subject to change based on new information.

    1. trim fat to about 1/4 inch. save fat.

    2. add season rub over night

    3. injection

    4. prep smoker to 225

    [font='Segoe UI', Frutiger, Tahoma, Helvetica, 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif]5. place brisket on rack fat down. [/font]

    6. place trimmed fat on rack above it.

    [font='Segoe UI', Frutiger, Tahoma, Helvetica, 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif]7. place a pan to catch drippings. once dripping start add [/font]left over injection[font='Segoe UI', Frutiger, Tahoma, Helvetica, 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif]  to the bottom. so dripping don't burn[/font]

    [font='Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, 'Segoe UI', Frutiger, Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif]remove fat from pan juice [/font]to make an au jus. 

    so that what i have so far!
  2. sunman76

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    Sounds like you got it down and ready to go...

    I can't answer ya on the injection , just cuz I don't inject mine.  I just foil mine up in a pan at 180 and add some apple juice and a cup or so of some coffee "brewed" and let it ride to about 200.  It still makes plenty of drippings for some really tasty au jus[​IMG]

    For cutting the brisky to smaller pcs I just drink the other 5 or 6 cups of coffee....[​IMG]   [​IMG]  and hang!
  3. dewetha

    dewetha Smoking Fanatic

    thanks sunman. actually i have been seeing coffee as an ingredient a lot these days. so I figure to add it to injection concoction. it based on some coking vid i saw. so basically beef broth, coffee, Worcestershire, soy sauce and of course a splash of Jack Daniels. garlic and onion.

    i will play arounf with that formula some, add maybe a few more spices but not too many. the rub will have enough
  4. sunman76

    sunman76 Master of the Pit

    sounds good I might give it a shot on my next one to see the difference [​IMG]
  5. I'm a big fan of cooking brisket Freddie Krueger style.  Fat cap up and sliced and diced.   I slice and dice through the fat and all the way down to the meat.  I feel this gives me a chance to vent the frustrations of a long night(mare) on Elm Street while allowing the rub and moisturizing fat a better chance to do their work.  If you do your brisket this way, be sure to apply your rub deep into the cuts.

    BTW:  This procedure also works extremely well for pork butts. 

    One other hint.  Give your brisket an hour at room temperature before placing into your preheated smoker.  I don't know about injections since I've never felt the need to use them.
  6. My wife puts coffee and lipton onion soup mix in her crockpot when she makes roast beef.
  7. You've got a plan, so let's work with your plan.  I took the liberty to modify a few steps but not anything that would change your main plan:

    First of all, get your camera ready and document everything.  Take good notes of what you did, what went right, what went wrong, so you can improve your technique the next time.  Other than that, we're going to want to see your results.

    1. trim fat to about 1/4 inch. save fat.

    2. injection

    3. add season rub

       seal in plastic wrap and refrigerate over night

    4. remove brisket from refrig and let sit room temperature for one hour

        reapply rub (make it pretty again)

        prep smoker to 225

    5. place brisket on rack fat down.

    6. place trimmed fat on rack above it.

    7. place a pan to catch drippings. once dripping start add left over injection  to the bottom. so dripping don't burn

    remove fat from pan juice to make an au jus.

    8. When done, remove brisket, double wrap in foil and towels, and let it rest 30 minutes or longer before carving. 

    It's your plan and I hope it works.  Will you be using a water pan also?  The added humidity might help salvage drippings for your au jus.  No guarantees.  It's a long smoke.
  8. berninga87

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    Sounds good to me, It's fine to leave the brisket out for a little bit if you want, but if you leave it out for an hour, it needs to get to 140* in the next 3 hours once in the smoker. I prefer to just take bigger cuts from the fridge right to the smoker, but I do leave steaks out for a bit before grilling and it works nicely for getting them to cook more evenly. Just my $.02 
  9. chef jimmyj

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    Since you have decided to inject, you will likely be adding Bacteria into your Brisket... DO NOT warm the meat to room temp before Smoking...The reason meat is allowed to warm to room temp is so you will have a even finished temp throughout the meat.  With Steak <2" room temp resting for a hour will give even cooking to 140*F outside in, but in meat that will be cooked to well done this procedure is pointless, the entire piece will be the same IT. Large pieces of meat especially injected meat left out at room temp, that are not going to be cooked medium or less, are just breeding grounds for the bacteria on and now in the meat...

    Here is a popular method for making JUS for Au Jus or gravy...Good Luck...JJ

    Smokey Au Jus

    1- Lg Onion,

    4-5 Carrots,

    3-4 Ribs Celery

    3-4 Peeled Cloves of Garlic

    Toss them in a pan under the Beef, and let the whole deal Smoke for one hour,

    THEN add 4-6 Cups Beef Broth,

    2 Tbs Tomato Paste,

    1/2tsp Dry Thyme (4-5 sprigs Fresh)

    1-2 ea Bayleaf

    Finish the Smoking process to the IT you want.

    While the Roast is resting, dump the pan juices veggies and all into a 2-3Qt Sauce pot and add 1Cup Red Wine, something you like to drink, and bring the Jus to a boil, lower the heat and simmer 20-30 minutes. Strain out the veggies and let the Jus rest a minute or so for the Fat to rise. Skim off the bulk of the fat then using strips of paper towel laid on top of the Jus then quickly removed, take off the last little bit of fat.

    The purpose of Smoking the Vegetable for 1 hour before adding the Broth and Herbs is...The Smoked vegetables Roast in the Dry heat concentrating their Flavors and Sweetness giving the finished Jus a Richer, Deeper, Full Flavor.

    Serve the sliced Beef Au Jus or thicken the Jus to make Gravy.
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  10. alblancher

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    Just as a reminder,  if you inject the brisket you have penetrated a whole cut of meat and need to follow the four hour rule to insure the safety of the meat.  I have done a lot of briskets and I believe an injection is unnecessary.  To maintain the safety cushion you can inject a sterile marinade (brought to a boil for several minutes) after the surface temperature of the meat has reached a safe temperature.  We are not the safety police but it is important information to be aware off

    Trim the outer fat cap of a full size packer to about 1/4 inch

    Rub, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 24 hours prior to starting the smoke

    Prepare your smoker and load the brisket directly on the grates of the smoker at 225 - 250 degrees

    You can spritz occasionally but it is not necessary

    Insert thermometers when the surface of the briket has reached a safe temperature (about an hour at the mentioned smoker temperatures)

    Keep an eye on the brisket,  when the point and flat begin to loosen up use the back edge of a large knife and separate the point and flat following the internal fat line

    You can use your gloved hand if a bit of heat doesn't bother you.

    Return the two pieces of meat to the smoker

    As they begin to reach the 170 -180 range I wrap them in foil with a bit of finishing sauce.

    If you want to slice the flat let it go in the foil to your favorite IT  I would recommend 190 or 195 but if you want it rarer or more well done adjust your IT

    To pull the flat,  take it to 205

    Return the flat to the smoker surface without foil to tighten up and crisp the bark a bit for a couple of minutes

    After foiling the point can be cut into maybe 1 1/2 inch cubes and placed in an open foil pan with BBQ sauce.  Take the cubed point to 210 or until they are fall apart tender and a bit crispy.

    The flavor and tenderness of both pieces are improved by a stay in an ice chest.  Return the meat to the foil, wrap in towels and place in an ice chest for a couple of hours.

    To reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the smoker cook only the flat. 

    The method is what I learned from my friends on this forum.  We all tweak it a bit and the question of injecting or not is always an interesting discussion.  What ever you do just go ahead, throw the brisket on the smoker and have fun!  You have 2 months so do a couple of practice runs, I am sure you will do a great job.  Don't forget the Qview and don't forget to ask lots of questions, we enjoy helping out.
  11. smokinal

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    What JJ said! Also he's being modest, this is his Au Jus recipe & it is just delicious!
  12. dewetha

    dewetha Smoking Fanatic

    thanks guys! great information and thanks for that au jus recipe.
  13. I've never smoked a brisket, but it is in the near future. I definitely appreciate all the time each of you have put into this post with your information. Now I'm not so apprehensive in trying one!!!!!! Definitely will give the JUS recipe a try and it's so similar to the one I make for my Prime Rib. Thanks again all!
  14. jirodriguez

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    THE biggest thing to remember with brisket is don't rush it!

    No cranking up the heat because dinner is in two hours and you are only at 180° internal temp

    No cutting into it before it has had at least 1 hr. to rest

    You rush a brisket and you will end up with tastey shoe leather. Keep your smoker running under 250° (I do briskets between 200° and 220°). Don't mess with it either - no peeking, spritzing, flipping necissary, just let it do it's thing and you will be rewarded with a great piece of meat!

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