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    OK smoking noob here.  Been reading the "Let's talk brisket"

    1.) So using propane with wood chunks and water pan above.  For a 7-8 lb brisket how many pans of chunks will I need?  They break down slower than chips obviously.  Just keep the water pan filled? 

    2.) I think I am taking it out WAAAY to early.  I was afraid it would be like boiled leather but I guess I need to get it to 165 or so and then wrap in foil and put it back into the smoker until it is 200 or so and passed the toothpick test??

    3.) How much propane will it use for 225 for 15 hours or however long it will take?  Will the water burn out over night??

    4.) On that size brisket, fat side up or down?

    Like I said...very noob questions but I figured I could get some straight answers from the folks here.

    Thanks a ton!!

  2. bfilipowski

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    Everything depends on your setup. I use the master forge vertical propane model a lot of the time and I can tell you:

    1. If I put 3-4 good sized chunks I'll refill 2-3 times over a period of 4-5 hours. All depends on what I'm smoking but I find most things don't need any more smoke than that. Yes just make sure there is water in the pan. Mine can go 8 hours or so without refilling.

    2.sometimes I foil sometimes I don't. All depends on timing and my mood. If I do foil I generally do it around 165 and pull off the smoker when a skewer goes in like butter. Usually around 200-205.

    3. Even on my longest smoked I don't think I've used more than a quarter of a tank in one session.

    4.I usually smoke my briskets fat side up. Try one way this time and another the next. Worst outcome is that you get to eat more brisket!

    Hope this helps.
  3. arkansaspat

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    Thanks for the answer!  I am just amazed at how the time can vary so much.  I see one topic that a 15 lb. brisket is done in 11 hours where in another a 5 lb takes pretty close to the same time.  Is that normal??  I had thought 1-1.5 hr per lb to be the average?
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    Each smoke is different from the last. Control your controllables. Each time you open the door, whether to probe for temp, to mop, Or to add another item, your cooker loses a lot of heat so keep that to a minimum. If you can, install a needle valve to better control heat output. Use a good thermometer to monitor chamber temp and food temps(i like my igrill 2). Finally, relax and have plenty of frosty beverages available. Briskets can sit for hours wrapped in a towel inside a cooler without any loss of quality.
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