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  1. So, being new to this I have a question regarding doing a brisket. I haven't done one yet but am anxious to throw one in. The ones I see a rather large and I usually smoke for 2-3 people in the family.
    My question is, can a brisket be cut into smaller portions and the remaining brisket be frozen for later use? I understand that fresh is best. Any thoughts?
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    Hi HOS...

    I cook for only 2 people most of the time myself. What I like to do on brisket smokes, I'll cook the whole packer (I've always felt like a whole packer turns out better), then slice the leftovers, vacuum seal with a little beef drippings or au jus splashed in there, then freeze. Brisket stored this way always reheats well...I usually just take the frozen vac pack and drop it in boiling water for 15-20 minutes.

    Another option...most meat markets and supermarkets will sell smaller brisket flats that might be more size-appropriate for 2, and would leave less leftovers to deal with...but like I said, I've always thought whole briskets cook up more tender, juicy and flavorful, but YMMV.

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    Yes a smaller cut of brisket will cook equally well. Remember though that it is not only the temperature that the meat gets up to that is important but also how long it is there. Brisket needs time for the tough fibers to break down. Smaller cuts will get up to temperature quicker but they still need the time. With the smaller cuts it is also important to foil for the second half of the smoke to prevent them from drying out. When up to temperature wrap it in several layers of foil in the cooler and leave it for several more hours to continue to cook and the fibers to break down under its own heat.
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    I agree. Brisket freezes well and a larger brisket can be cut into meal-for-two size portions before freezing. I usually keep mine as blocks of brisket though and then slice once defrosted.
  5. Very good, thank you for the info.

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