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  1. Hey folks.....I want to do my first brisket in a WSM 18.5. The problem is, the briskets that are available, are too big to fit into the smoker (Lengthwise) it all right to cut the brisket in half (Freeze the other half) to make it fit or is that a Smoker sacrilege? Thanks
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    I waa curious about this as well!
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    Ya can separate the point & flat if it's a packer , if ya have to trim a little after that..... no biggie ! If not a packer ya can still trim it ! Or ya can smoke it whole if a packer & trim too.... Make some burnt ends outta the trimmings ! Then ya could have the option of smoking both together if ya decide to separate or just trim it up, either way... If ya do separate the point and flat & smoke together then I'd recommend the flat on the top rack & point on the bottom as generally your flat will probably get done before your point.... Save ya from having to take the top rack off to get to the flat..... I'am not gonna elaborate on how I know this, :biggrin: But experience has taught me a few lessons !
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    Or if it's a flat go ahead and cut it in half and freeze half as you thought.
  5. I'm a newbie and a little slow on the uptake....what's a "packer"? 
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    It's a whole brisket ! A whole brisket has two sections, the flat & the point !

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