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Discussion in 'Beef' started by zug, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hello all I have a question on Briskets.

    We get a full briskets 14-16lbers I cut the flat off (because they are to large to fit on my WSM) I bring them to 195-200 deg double foil and hold in a cooler for 2hrs and the flat is almost always dry and the other half is perfect should I be cooking the flat to a diff temp then the (thicker) rest of the brisket?

    (Cook temp range from 225-260)

    Thanks Zug
  2. Do you inject the brisket at all? If not give it a try.Try keeping your temps lower like around 225 max and see if you have any difference in your results. If I had to guess I would say the point is always more juicy for you because there is usually much more fat in the point. Maybe try getting a smaller brisket so that you can keep the point and the flat together as you cook it. Last brisket I did I finally tried keeping them together while I smoked it and then separating them when it was done and it was the best brisket I have ever done. I will never separate the point and the flat before smoking it again. Also try leaving more of the fat on the on the flat next time and see if you like the results better.
  3. I did inject with apple juice, I have always let my smoker swing from 225-275 with out to much worries but I have not done many briskets. So I’ll try to keep it a tad lower and see how things turn out.

    Thanks Zug.
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    I think the lower temps would work better for you. I smoke my brisket at 200-210. They are always juicy & I don't inject or foil.
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    Lower and slower have always worked for me.

    I have separated many briskets and I have kept many whole. [​IMG]. There are a ton of posts here where people only buy the flat so i assume it should be ok to do one by itself. When you separate, be sure to cut along the fat between the two muscles. When you put the two in the smoker, try to lay the flat back over the point and just turn it to fit in your smoker. This is how I do the big ones in my drum..
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