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  1. Hey all!  I"m doing my second brisket ever this weekend.  My plan so far is as follows:

    I have a 12.5 LB brisket.  I'm going to put it on to it on at 10PM tonight, shooting for a finishing time of 1pm-2pm tomorrow...leaving about a 2 hour window for rest.  Serving food around 4PM.

    Planning on using Meatheads big bad beef rub, cooking at 225 with hickory and sugar maple for smoke.

    Using my Smoke Vault, I will keep a full water pan and keep adding smoke until my internal temp is about 160-170 in the thick part of the flat (about 6-8 hours in?) After that, I'm planning on wrapping in butcher paper and letting it roll till finished, shooting for an internal temp of 190-195 and tender.  Then into the cooler for 2 hours to rest.  Should I rest in the cooler wrapped in foil...or just leave it in the butcher paper?  Dont' want to ruin my bark...  

    Question - I want to make burnt ends out of the point...should I separate the point and flat right before I rest it in the cooler...or should I let it rest a little while before I cut into it at all?

    Also, should I keep adding wood to the cooker for the first 6 to 8 hours, or is that too much smoke?

    How does this plan sound to you boys?  Happy Memorial Day!  Thanks for you help / opinions in advance!
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