Brisket Question-Cooking Ahead of time

Discussion in 'Beef' started by woodman3, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. woodman3

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    My sons first communion is coming up.  I am cooking two briskets ahead of time.   We will be heating them up super slow in a crockpot with my injection as a juice.  My question is do I cook to full 195 or pull a bit early since I will be heating it up in a crock?  The reason for asking I don't want shredded beef.  I have never heated briset in a crock pot before.
  2. jay1340

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    HMMM? Never heated it up later in a crock. Sounds like a good idea with some Ju!!!!

    I do frequently smoke 2-3 briskets then slice, divide and freeze. I don't do any trimming anymore and I don't separate the point and flat anymore, just slice it up. If folks don't want the fat on it, they an pull what they like. No complaints so far. 

    As for reheating, if I'm making some breakfast tacos, I've saute'd in a pan with some potatoes and eggs. I've just put a slice or so on a plate, sprinkle with water and microwave for about 45 seconds. I've also just chopped it and saute'd in a pan with some butter or oil.

    Never had a problem with it shredding on me. Sometimes it falls apart though.
  3. forluvofsmoke

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    195* is just about pull-able temp, depending on if you have a full packer with heavy fat-cap. I smoked 5 trimmed brisket (sliced and pulled), 10 butts (pulled) & 8 chickens (pulled) for my daughter's wedding last June. All were reheated on site after a freezer ride for several weeks. I tried to cook it all a bit under my normal temps, and for sliced and pulled brisket I dropped back more than 10*F (~180 for sliced, ~190 for pulled), mainly to retain as much natural moisture in the meat and to finish cooking to the desired tenderness during the reheat. It worked out very well with all of it.

    Congrats, and have a great smoke and feast!!!


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