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Discussion in 'Beef' started by rm30, Nov 24, 2014.

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    Hello everyone,
    So I have an MES30 which I love. I have smoked a few things in it and 1 was a small (6lb) brisket. It turned out great and now I have been nominated to smoke an almost 17lb brisket for Thanksgiving this week. I will probably trim a bit off but it is still a pretty large brisket. So here is my question...

    My MES measures 15 inches wall to wall. This packer measures about 17 inches long. Is it ok if I just "stuff" it in the smoker and bend it to fit? Should I bend each end a bit? Bend just the flat end? Just the point end? Is it ok for the brisket to be touching the sides of the smoker? Should I use some twine and tie up both ends to make a "U" shape? Or bite the bullet and cut it in 2 pieces?

    All advice is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you all for any feedback.
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    Pit 4 Brains did a tutorial on separating the point and flat.... I would go that route... It's easier to control the cook/smoke with 2 muscles that have been separated... As far as trimming the meat goes.... that's a personal preference thing.... to keep it moist during cooking, place a small container with water in it, in the smoker... something like a tuna can with 1/2" water in it... All you want is a small amount of steam to up the humidity.... after a few hours, remove the tin, form the bark.... the bark will keep the moisture in the meat..
    In my opinion, I cook large hunks of meat at 205-210 F.... below the boiling point of water... Takes awhile but I think it's worth it... might take 24 hours to cook the meat and get it tender... When the meat gets to 190-200, leave it in the smoker to get tender... Time tenderizes meat more than temperature... IMO.... You will know when it is done... The meat will "relax".... a toothpick will slide in with no resistance... check in several places...
    Because you are using a MES 30, you will need to rotate the meat... the 30 has hot and cold sections in the smoker...
    The link below is a very good tutorial on the point/flat separation..... Dave
  3. You can roll it like a donut and use string to tie. Then stand on it's side. The same thing works for ribs.

    Happy smoken.

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    The roll method would make the cook time extend some , but good results , cutting as daveoma says will cut down on the time , but be in pieces.

    That would be alright , as you will most likely slice for presentation anyhow. The Point will most likely be 'Burnt ends ' in the end (pardon the Pun).[​IMG]  So , cutting it doesn't matter.

    Have fun with it and have a great Thanksgiving [​IMG]  

    And as always . . .
  5. rm30

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    Hey everyone thank for all the awesome feedback.

    If I keep it whole what time should I start smoking? I will probably do about 225 degrees.

    If I cut it in 2 what time should I get started?

    I would like to have it in a cooler by about 10am. Want it very tender so maybe take it to 195-200?

    I am thinking of getting started tomorrow morning about 8 am. Does this sound too early?
  6. daveomak

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  7. demosthenes9

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    Strange as it may seem, cutting it in two isn't going to cut your cook time in half as it's the thickness of the meat that determines cook time (along with chamber temp of course and some other variables).   At 225 chamber temp, you are probably looking at around 16-18 hrs in my estimation.

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