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Discussion in 'Beef' started by mofo, May 14, 2010.

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    I'm going to be doing a brisket in the near future in my GOSM. I plan on picking up a packer at Sam's Club. Does it make a difference where I place my digital temp probe during cooking? The brisket has what is referred to as a point and a flat, and I am guessing the point is the part of the brisket that is usually thicker with more marbled fat within it? Would that not cook faster than the flat which is leaner? So when cooking to temp, do you all always stick your probe in one part or the other? Or does it all get up to temp at the same speed?
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  3. bbally

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    Just on the point side of the area where the flat and point meet is the clod. This is the tighest part of the muscle group. Insert the probe there when checking temperature.
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    I remove the point from the flat when I do mine that way I don't have try and remove it when its all hot. I had my first brisket flat ready 10-15 degrees different depending on where I probed it. I cured this problem by rotating the brisket a few times during the smoke so that if you have any hot spots in the smoker it will cook the brisket evenly. Good luck with the brisket. Are you going to make burnt ends out of the point? They are so awesome!
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    Burnt ends? More info please...
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    This is from the beef sticky thread, but other will be by shortly!

    Basically after the brisket is done (190ish), you take the point and cube it up. Think mashmallow size. Then toss this in more brisket rub, and some bbq sauce if you want.

    Put all that in a tin foil pan, and back on the smoker or in an oven for a few hours till you end up with more bark!

    They are really really really good... its like... meat marshmallow goodness.
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    I always wondered why that web page said to check it from the side. Thanks for clearing that up, Bob. [​IMG]


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