Brisket Prepped and Ready for Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jimmismoking, May 29, 2011.

  1. Today has been a good day. First things first I had to figure out what meat other than a whole chicken frier to throw on the smoker for tomorrow (*today)

    Stopped by the local butcher and a Packers cut was about 4.00 per lb. [​IMG] Pretty good price. However, something in my gut was screaming at me to walk away and if worst came to worst of not having a brisket I was going to go w/ a Boston Pork Butt with my wife's homemade cole slaw.

    We ended up at Walmart (of course) However this wasn't the normal wally world we visit near the house. She began picking out her needs for the cole slaw and I made my way over to the meat section. This is where my day brighten. here in the meat section never before lay 7 maybe at 8 briskets [​IMG]Granted none of the briskets were packers cuts. However, the meat had a pretty good thick layer of fat on top and some very good marbling on the bottom. My shock 10 lb brisket 23.00 I couldn't believe it. Then by some miracle someone hear my thoughts and 2 whole organic chickens appeared. Both for 4 bucks a piece. Yea I got lite headed [​IMG]

    Anyhow, I saved a good amount of money and got what I wanted! Rushed home and snapped some pictures for ya'll.

    I would have loved just a bit more fat in some places here but over all looked really good and not overly firm either



    Without the plastic ready for the dry rub (top)




    My mother provided me w/ some her homemade rub. Brisket cut into 2 pieces (about 5 lbs) I was alittle unsure if cutting it in half would hurt anything but I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and see tomorrow.


    And of course my lone chicken. I used a Weber grilling spice on this one called Montreal Chicken. It's a pretty good spice and has a really good taste. So can't go wrong w/ that.


    I will have my cooking and finished product uploaded sometime tomorrow. Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone!
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    Good start!
  3. africanmeat

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    good luck it is a good start. more Qview
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    nice job on the score...looking forward to the finished pics...have a great smoke
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    Looks like it will be tasty... Planning to do a brisket tomorrow myself! Look forward to seeing the finished pics.
  6. Went 6 1/2 hours on 200 to 225 heat

    Chicken went for about 3 1/2 hours at about 320. The chicken came out a bit dry. Any suggestions on how to make it a lot juicer would be great!


    This is the brisket w/ the least amount of fat on it. It came out extremely tough. I don't know if there could have been anything I could have done to make it right? [​IMG]


    Dry and tough


    This is the second piece that had the huge fat on the top of it. Came out TENDER and JUICY!!! The Knife cut through it like butter


    Far more flavor and juice in this one than the first


    So apart from everything I think I want to clear my mind and admit I'm a complete beginner.I want to learn how to do a brisket right not hit and miss. Hints and tips are welcomed [​IMG]

    Either way it was a blast smoking what I did  and had a great time w/ family and friends

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