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  1. Hello all,  I have been smoking for a few years (weber smokey mountain)  after being introduced to this by friends & family fromTexas.  I just can't seem to get enough!I generally stick to Chicken and Beef Ribs.. I have only smoked one brisket in my life and it came out amazing, It was only half a packer, but with the entire (most?) point, and a good part of the flat together.

    I am still a beginner & not an expert, however I have been pretty happy with my results so far.

    I just got a friend hooked and he gave me 2 point cuts to smoke for him - I get to keep half of the results. 

    1 piece -soaking in a pickling brine for a smoked pastrami (his money, his recipe...),

    1 -salt, pepper, garlic powder dry rub.


    -these are thick at one end and really taper off at the other end. Should I fold them and smoke, or leave as is? I am terrified that these may dry out

    I plan to take them to 205 as per Bearcarvers recomendation in another post  (thank you!). (each piece is mostly trimmed and probably 2-3 Lbs (just a guess!) I will wrap in foil and rest after temp is hit.

    - I have some cured / smoked beef plate- thinly sliced - should I wrap it around or over the brisket to keep it a bit moist? smoke them in a foil pan? etc

    I will be starting the smoke on Sunday morning.

    Thank you!
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    Mike, IMHO , I would just lie them out flat and smoke... at 2-3lbs. they should cook just fine for you. I don't wrap my Briskets so I get more Bark, but if you are concerned about drying out , then do the foil-wrap thingy.

      I just laid this one on the prep table (with foil for safety from cross contamination) . As you can see, it is juicy, tender(the point came off moving this one) ...

     and no "burnt" places ,just good Bark...

     this was sooo good...

    Cook as you wish and I suggest a temp. kept @ 225*F (+/- 15*F).

    Good luck and as always . . .
  3. Thank you for the advice and pics! Smoker temp is hanging around at about 230-240, briskets are on with some ribs to keep them company. i am using apple and pecan and am already drooling...

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