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  1. I was planning on smoking a whole packer brisket tonight for a party tomorrow, the brisket was being supplied by my aunt.  Instead of a whole brisket she brought two points with a little of the flat still attached.  They were cut right behind the end of the point.  I've only cooked brisket once before and it was the whole packer with a small point.  I just made the point into burnt ends the last time and slices out of the flat.  Can the point be sliced like the flat or am I better off making the whole thing into burnt ends?  Thanks for any advice soon.
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    Yes, you can slice the point just like a flat.  Be sure to cut across the grain.  Meat will be fattier, but it will be delicious.  FWIW, when you go to some of the famous brisket joints in Texas, they'll ask if you want "Fatty" (point) or "Lean" (flat).

    Whether you should slice or make burnt ends all depends on which you like better.
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    I PREFER Points! They are usually cheaper, most forks like the leaner flats.They are almost always super juicy and they are more forgiving, like a Butt. I make them into Pastrami frequently as well. They slice great...JJ

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