Brisket placement

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  1. I always put my brisket on the top rack.  Where should I place my water pan, the rack just above the fire box?  Can I place the drippings pan below on the rack below the brisket, or should I do the brisket in a pan?

    On a side note I stopped at the local grocery store and asked the butcher if they had any brisket.  They did it was CAB for $8.15 a pound.  I about dropped over.  I was just at Walmart and it was $2.45 a pound, but they were out.  Most likely Walmart would be choice,

  2. I use a WSM and the water pan is what I use to capture the brisket drippings. Makes an amazing jus.

    As to the water pan, I foil it for easy cleanup and run it dry. 

    Never used the smoker you have in the image.
  3. Thanks Prankster.  I was doing so many things wrong, I want to try to correct everything when I do my next brisket.  I had that smoker for close to 5 years and only used it 3 times, because every time I would make a brisket it was not very good.
  4. Try a pork butt(pulled pork), very forgiving using several different methods(low 'n slow, hot 'n fast). It can take multiple mistakes and still come out amazing.

    Patience is the best advice for brisket. Takes time for it to do its thing in any type of smoker.

    I personally like mine done the simplest way. SPOG rub(light on the S), low 'n slow(225-230) over hickory/pecan, unwrapped 'til it's done(200-205 IT).

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