Brisket on my Green Egg

Discussion in 'Beef' started by macbillybob, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Been awhile since I have visited the forum. Moved and the buyers of my old house wanted my cute little smokehouse etc so I am starting over with my equipment.

    Enter a XL Green Egg.

    I subscribe to the Aaron Franklin theories of brisket, simple is best. (Franklin BBQ, Austin Texas, this is the best brisket in Texas which means the best in the world :)) He has many videos on YouTube.

    I trim a packer brisket then season with ONLY salt and pepper the day before the smoke. Fire started at 6:30 am, lump charcoal and oak chunks. Brisket on at 7:30 am. Temp 250. I use my controller I built from directions on the forum. Connects to a BBQ Guru pit viper fan attached to the bottom vent of the Egg.

    DO NOT OPEN THE EGG. until 12:30 or so when the brisket is wrapped in brown (unwaxed) butcher paper then returned to the egg. No injecting, mopping or spraying.

    Done at 5:30 or 6pm.  The last two briskets have gotten rave reviews for all the guests and these are very picky Texas BBQ fans (as I am also)

    . Sorry there are no final pictures, the guests stormed the pit and it was gone before I could take pictures.

  2. thsmormonsmokes

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    What's the purpose of wrapping in brown butcher paper?  I haven't been able to make sense of that one yet.
  3. ps0303

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    It's the same as wrapping it in foil, keeps it moist and pushes the cooking process along.  Although, I think wrapping it in foil progresses the cooking process a lot faster than the paper idea does. 
  4. I have always felt that I got too much smoke and too much color without the wrap. I like the look and smoke I get after 5 hours or so but the meat is not done (tender) enough at that point. I do not like to wrap in foil because that just steams the meat. The paper also keeps a little more moisture in the meat but still "breathes".The paper is soaked with fat after the brisket is done so I think it adds to the flavor and the texture. Many places here (Texas) then use the paper to light the next fire

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  5. redneck69

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    looks good!! Love my BGE
  6. frosty

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    Macbillybob is correct!! 


    Eat the brisket, but don't throw away the butcher paper!  Lites up my fire box in a hurry, like a charm!  The homeboss [​IMG]  calls it 'recycling".
  7. waytoodeep03

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    I'm still trying to make sense of this too. Sounds like Aaron franklin just is trying to be Different in his cooking methods. wrapping is wrapping whether it be foil, paper or other
  8. Not true .... When you wrap in foil , the meat steams in its juices ... All this moisture lends to a softer bark ... The butcher paper breaths , so the bark remains as it was and also protects the bark from getting darker ... Does not speed up cooking times like foil though ...
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  9. Franklin bbq is not the only one to practice this. There are many other 5star bbq places in Texas that do the same.
  10. Ditto.
  11. thsmormonsmokes

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    Thanks for the tip.

    And I'm hoping to watch my Cougs hand your boys a L next week.  

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