Brisket on ECB Gourmet Electric

Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by trikkyp, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone.  I am planning on firing up a brisket on my ecb gourmet electric in the next couple weeks.  Does anybody have any helpful tips for doing a brisket in an ebb?  My plan is as follows:

    -Secure Brisket rub prior night, wrap in plastic and refrigerate overnight

    -fill water pan to keep moisture in smoker

    -load smoker with soaked hickory chunks and get smoker temp up around 230

    -insert brisket fat side down so drippings fall into water pan 

    -smoke until internal temp hits roughly 190 - 200 or until thermo props can easily penetrate the meat

    -remove brisket and foil until internal temp reaches minimum of 200
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    If it's not too late, it sounds like a great plan. Post some Q-View and taste/tenderness/moisture results.
  3. WIll do!  I am adding a gasket and lid vent to my ECB in the next couple weeks and then I will tackle the brisket!

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