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  1. Going to be smoking my first brisket tomorrow.  Went to Arnold's up in Chicopee, MA which is a very good meat store with knowledgeable helpful butchers.

    I told the butcher that I was getting into smoking and I wanted to do a brisket.  He gave me a close to 15+ pound brisket. He told me to cut the brisket, he marked the package where, to separate the "flat" from the "point" .  The flat is thinner than the point and he said if you try and do the whole brisket together you will usually over cook and dry out the flat.  I took his advise and separated the flat and the point.  So now I have a 7 lb flat, which is being smoked tomorrow, and the point which is in the freezer.

    My plan of attack is as follows:

    I have read that it takes 1 to 1.5 hours per pound for a brisket so I am going to figure on 1.25 hours per pound for my flat tomorrow so a full time cook will be 8.75 to 9 hours.  I may be a little long on the estimate but it is the thin flat and will cook faster that the thicker "point". I will set the smoker temp to 235 degrees as everything I have read say for briskets cook temp should be 225-250 degrees.  I am going to use hickory and mesquite chips but will be very light on the mesquite as my research seems to tend that folks can find a pure mesquite smoke over powering.  I'm figuring maybe 1/2 cup of mesquite during the first load and all hickory after that.  I will maintain a smoke for the first three- four hours.  After that it will just be a straight cook till the internal temp hits 165.  At that point I will do a aluminum foil wrap and continue cooking till internal temp reaches 180-185 degrees and the meat should be done at that point.  I will then remove from the smoker and do the towels in the cooler thing for an hour or two.

    Any of you experts correct me if I'm out in left field and I am always open to suggestions....thanks for any input.

    So thing morning around 10:00 I removed the thicker fat on the "flat" and now have about 1/4-3/8 fat blanket on the top....there way no fate on the underside of the flat.

    I used the mustard thing with both yellow and Guldens spicy for the rub prep.  I used "All American" Seasoning Rub that I got at Costco.  I used the same rub on the pork and I liked the flavor.  I did add some smoked paprika, some garlic salt, and a little cayenne for a little heat and to call the rub my own. I hope it tastes as well on the cow as it did on the pig!

    So here is what it looked like after I finished rubbing the bottom and trimming the top fat blanket:

    After the rub was completed:

    All wrapped and ready for an 18 hour nap in the refrigerator to soak up the flavor until I put it in the smoker around 6:00 AM tomorrow.

    Wish me luck...thanks.  I'll post the results tomorrow.
  2. smokinjb

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    good luck! i cant wait to see the results
  3. floridasteve

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    Sounds like you got your ducks in the right row, toad! I only have two comments...

    On large pieces of meat, don't be over concerned about using a strong flavored smoke. Because of the mass, it isn't as critical as it is in smaller cuts, like ribs and chicken. IMO

    Also, don't take that "180-185 and it should be done" to the bank. That is the LOWEST temperature it COULD be done. It may also not yet be done at 205. It's done when it's tender. Stick the meat is multiple places with a probe (sharp end of a quick-read thermometer, a bamboo or steel skewer, or even a toothpick) and when it slides into the meat with no ristance, or like a hot knife through butter, it is done.

    Keep us informed on your progress, and good luck!
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    Good Luck I hope to be able to get a Brisket when I go down to Ga.


  5. rdknb

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    Sounds like you have all your bases covered.  Good Luck
  6. vwaldoguy

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    I agree, 180-185 might be way too low for a brisket. 

    One other thing I've found, I don't think resident time with the rub makes any difference to me.  As in, if I rub then let sit for 18 hours, or rub and put immediately in the smoker.  Turns out the same for me.

    Good luck!
  7. tropics

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    Have you checked your CC with another Probe?
  8. paul6

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    I like to think I do a pretty good Brisket but my first time we used it as home plate in a softball game !!
  9. doctord1955

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    I think everything sounds great but would plan on more time!  wrapped in saran wrap thats wrapped in several towels in cooler will keep brisket hot for longggggg time!
  10. Thanks Steve....I will be doing a change up with the temps first posted.  A few folks on this and other forums have said I was low balling the temp.  At 180 I will still be wrapping in foil to finish cook and at 205 I will do a stick it test as you suggest.

    Thanks to all the guys who have responded.

    I'm figuring 8-9 hours till chow down time this afternoon.  Mesquite and hickory right now.  Will switch over to all hickory aft this smoke runs down.

  11. vwaldoguy

    vwaldoguy Smoke Blower

    Just watch it on the upper end of temps.  .I've had a brisket go to 205, and it was pretty mushy, more like pot roast.
  12. At an internal of 200* I pulled the brisket....wrapped in two towels and placed in a cooler.

    After an hour and a half wrapped in towels in the cooler this was the resul. It cut with and electric knife just fine....did not fall apart and cut quite easily with just a fork. I guess this is the way it's supposed to be. I was not all that impressed but 5 other people told me it was fantastic and they also liked my customized sauce....I know a lot of the meat disappeared before my very eyes. I will have to work on the flavoring of the rub and the sauce in the future and try to customise to my taste. Totally happy with the pulled pork of last week....but not totally happy with the brisket. I guess if it made others happy it was probably OK but I personally don't think I would have made the cut on any of those Chef shows. [​IMG]  Still can't believe I cut a piece of cow with a fork.



    I also think I left too much fat on the top. I will be more diligent as to how much I leave next go round.
  13. paul6

    paul6 Meat Mopper SMF Premier Member

    Looks Good to me , If you don't want it send it over !!
  14. smokinjb

    smokinjb Newbie

    looks pretty you have any close ups?
  15. Good brisket should be fork tender - but not fall apart. Don't need to cut with a knife for sure - that would be under done.
  16. vwaldoguy

    vwaldoguy Smoke Blower

    Nice work!

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