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Discussion in 'Beef' started by boot4lyfe, Jan 19, 2016.

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    Hello SMF. Today I smoked my first brisket. Was I nervous, yes. Did I make mistakes, yes. Was it still good? Absolutely. I know spare ribs and tenderloin are different types of meat, but I suck at those and I feel like I burn them. And with everyone saying how delicate brisket is, I was kind of nervous. But, I did it anyway and turned out not bad. First things first, I threw some seasoning on it.
    then I plopped it on the smoker at 235 at 730am. I have a 22.5in WSM. it held 235 until around 1130. Then it dropped to 220. No big deal. That's when I came back to the store and threw some chickens on the bottom rack. Took those off like 2-2.5 hours later and looked like this.
    ate those for a bit, then I checked the brisket and it was at 180 IT.
    so naturally I let it ride for a few more hours. Then at like 5pm, it reached an IT of 199! Good enough for me! Took it out, wrapped in foil. I didn't have a cooler to put it in. Let it sit for like 1.5 hours.
    then I finally cut it!
    well I didn't know I had to trim the fat down before the smoke. Makes sense now though. So all the bark and smoke got into the fat.
    but, it was still tender and juicy. And for my first time, I'm satisfied. But next week though, it'll be even better! Thanks for checking it out!
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    Looks like a good job. As far as fat, I trim to 1/4" and score it to get rub on the meat but I have had a bad result with fat free flats. Some may disagree but leaving some fat helps maintain moisture and, my Cardiologist be damned, taste GOOD when all crispy and covered in rub...JJ
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  4. smokinal

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    Looks really good from here! Nice & juicy, which by the way is sometimes hard to get. 

    Great job on your first one!!

  5. boot4lyfe

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    What do cardiologists know? Lol. Thank you sir! I get now how and why to trim it. Lol. Hopefully next week is better!

    Oh wow I didn't even think about collecting the juice. That's a really good idea! I'm totally going to do that next week! Yea the chickens were good! I got ones that were already marinated, and I thought they'd be better, I was wrong. Lol. Next time I'm using my own seasonings.

    Thanks al! I learned a lot from this cook and SMF. Still got a lot to learn but as long as SMF I got no worries!
  6. disco

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    Looks terrific! Points for a great start!


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