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  1. I was wondering in my own mind...(scary, i know)
    Do you marinade your briskets? If so, do you marinade the side with the fat cap? Or do you just marinade the "meat" side.

    Seems to me, if you were to marinade the fat cap, as the fat renders off during the smoke, it would take all that fine flavor and baste itself. That is, if you were to smoke it fat side up. I think that how its recommended, right?[​IMG]
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    You can marinade a brisket, you can also rub a brisket and set it overnight. Totally your preference. There are lots of recipes out there for brisket marinades, mops, and pastes, all for your palate to sample.

    You'll want to smoke the brisket fat cap up to start, but it also involves flipping the hunk of meat about 1/2 way into the smoke, then flipping a 3rd time. Again, technique is up to the pitmaster. Check out the beef section of the forum. There is a helpful sticky that outlines how to smoke a brisket.

    Good luck!
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    Duder, simply coat with Cracked Black Pepper and some sea salt(a little garlic powder if you wish) and NOTHING MORE!!!
    Figure on 1.5hrs. per pound for cooking time at no more than 225*F and close the lid. Don't open it to look,don't worry about Internal temp., just keep the heat at 225#F(within 15*F up or down) but close to 225*F.
    About an hour before it is time(remember the time calculation?)then take a toothpick and stick it in the Flat. If it goes in VERY easily,you're good,if not,leave it a while. No wrapping,no coolering,no nothing. If you don't like the pepper,brush it off. Beef is made for pepper, and once you try it,you'll be amazed.
    Remember,if you're looking,you're not cooking.[​IMG]
    Keep it Blue and
    Stan aka Old School
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    I actually done one this way cause I kept hearing about it, I was surprised because it was good. not that I would use it competetion, but on a sunday dinner no problem. salt,pepper & garlic powder.
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    Methinks you're over thinkin'....let it ride; do what you feel you need to do for starters. Explore.

    We're only cooking meat here, not making space shuttle parts. [​IMG]
  7. I appreciate all the help/advice...I guess I was more or less wanting to know what most other people prefer...maybe it would have been better as a pole.

    Anyway...Brisket is on the GOSM. Along with about 4 dozen ABT's and I've got two Fatties I'm going to put on later. One is a pizza fatty the other is a bacon, mushroom, swiss...

    Didn't take any q-view...i'll try my best to take some before it all gets eaten...

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