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  1. Ahhhhhhhh, its good to live in a free country. Where a man or woman (or whatever) can smoke a brisket just for the hell of it. And do it during the week too. 

    The travel week was a tad short and got home early Thursday, around mid-morning. Swung by the HEB and I kept hearing a whisper. Walked around to see where it was coming from and I'll be damned if it wasn't the brisket case. Go figure. Got this Choice brisket for a song:

    Well, gotter home and she was a bit homely without her clothes on. 

    Anyone ever seen a flap like this?? Don't think I ever have:

    Did I mention it was choice????

    She looked like she got in a cat fight. A real cat fight: 

    Did I mention she was Choice??? And $1.97/lb??

    I injected it with 1/2 strength Buther BBQ brisket injection (been doing that lately and I'm liking what it does to the meat). I let it rest for about 4-5 hours after injection as is recommended. Yes in the fridge or course. Then I made a rub with some stuff I bought at the airport in KC on the way home:

    I did about 2 parts rub and 1 part coarse black pepper. I like the texture and bark from the pepper. 

    She looked better with a fresh coat of rub on her after the fridge nap: 

    Firing up the UDS with Royal Oak brix and some post oak and cherry chunks. There are 2 more hunks under the charcoal:

    I connected the Auber PID temp controller, set it to 215* (wanted to make sure it didn't cook too fast since I was needing some sleep) and I went to bed. 

    Got up about 6:00am, walked about back and this is what I saw in the UDS:

    She turned out pretty; flap, cuts and all. 

    Getting ready for a Butcher paper wrap: 

    I jacked up the temp to 250 when I got up and wrapped her. Still took a few more hours. She was at 165* when I wrapped and stalled hard. I think the butcher paper, which is mostly doubled to get it big enough to wrap good, acts as a bit of insulation and it takes a bit longer post wrap vs foiling. 

    This is her after it reached 203* or so thought the flat and rested in foil for a while. 

    My son was hungry, like he always is and wanted some brisket tacos so I chopped up some:

    She had a nice red smoke ring. This is the Flat

     Pretty good flop:

    This is some of the point. Just about fall apart: 


    *The rub was darn good actually. Not bad for picking up in the airport. If you haven't put some coarse black pepper on a brisket your missing out, too. 

    *I am liking the Butcher BBQ injection at about half strength. I usually use beef broth but didn't have any so used water. Still good though. One thing it does do is help it keep better in the fridge for a couple days while I make sammiches and tacos and shepherd's pie,etc. over a 2-4 day period. I also think I have to take the brisket to a higher IT to get the doneness I am looking for. I have been having to take my briskets to 203-207* to get the flat to flop. Now the point on this one was nearly fall apart and I don't inject much at all in the point. Hmmmm. Not a bad thing, just gotta cook it a tad longer maybe.

    *Perhaps Royal Oak brix are a little milder than Kingsford brix but it might just be me. They seemed to leave a bit more ash and not last quite as long. But It might just be me. They were on sale and I got 4 bags of it. Worked fine for me. 

    *The Auber PID temp controller is the absolute bomb! This thing rocks and I highly recommend it. Hell, at $144 for the controller and fan, you can't beat it compared to other temp controllers. No additional connections or adapters needed either. It is no frills: just set the temp you want. No programming, no wi-fi. But it works flawlessly. Always within a couple degrees of set temp. I like to smoke when I sleep for butts and briskets and I can do it with my UDS too! I posted a review of this device a few weeks ago, BTW. 
  2. bummed

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    Great job that looks incredible!
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  3. b-one

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    Looks tasty! I could go for some brisky!:drool My local Ace has the rub I will try it out sometime.
  4. redheelerdog

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    The brisket looks fantastic, great job on the smoke. Can't beat that price anywhere!

  5. You guys are too kind. Thanks. 

    I have to be careful about sounding like I am rubbing it in with the brisket prices. I am truly grateful when I see what some of the good folks on this forum are having to pay for brisket around the country. It is such a fun and delicious piece of meat to smoke. 
  6. smokinal

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    Wow nice smoke!

    The brisket looks fantastic!

    I just bought a choice packer & thought I got a good price at $2.97!

  7. pit 4 brains

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    Nice looking risky there..
  8. Thanks for the Auber recommendation! My UDS can usually hold a temp, but I wouldn't trust it overnight. I think I'll give it a shot at that price.
  9. Yeah, my UDS holds pretty well too but this is just too easy. I won't do overnights unless I have automatic temp control of some sort. This thing is so easy I use it for every smoke.
  10. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking brisket!
  11. dukeburger

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    Looks awesome!

  12. smokeymose

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    Nice cook, tb!
    Since I found out I can get them at GFS for $2.99, I'm hopelessly hooked. You'd have to try hard to ruin one, they're so easy to cook...

  13. disco

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    A nice brisket and a good post deserves points.

  14. Thanks folks. I'm glad some are enjoying the post. I am cruising this site constantly learning and enjoying the content. I get way more out of this site tHan I could ever hope to give back. I appreciate the feedback.

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