Brisket Inter Temp Debate???

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tjohnson, Nov 20, 2014.

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    I was at a local butcher shop checking out the briskets.  They're trimmed much better than a brisket at Sams or Costco, but at $10.99/lb., they should be better quality.  The guy behind the counter decided to school me in smoking briskets, and told me he smokes his brisket for 12 hours to an internal temp of 135°.  I asked him if he follows the 140° in 4 hour rule, and he said "No!"....Hmmmm....?????

    I told him I cook mine to an internal of 165°, foil and finish to an internal of 185-190ish, and he said I was overcooking the meat.....Really?

    Then I told him I cook my briskets "Hot & Fast" at 325° in about 4 hours, and he thought I was crazy!

    Not wanting to get into a heated argument, I avoided any further debate

    I also left the butcher shop without a $148 brisket!!

    I've never had a "Medium Rare Brisket before, and never cooked a piece of meat for 12 hours and NOT hit 140° Internal temp.

    He certainly DID NOT change my view of cooking meat!

    Anyone cook a brisket like this?
  2. Nope! I think I would find my way back to Sams club. I smoke mine to 185° then start the toothpick test. The last one went to 193° in the MES 40 and a AMNPS.

    Happy smoken.

  3. foamheart

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    He's obviously never used an AMPs, he'd want it to smoke all day and get that good smokie taste going. He's cooking 'em like tri-tips! I bet he had all his own teeth!
  4. seenred

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    I've never tried that, nor even heard of anyone that! At an IT of 135*, wouldn't that brisket be so tough as to be completely inedible?? Sounds to me like that butcher may be be full of s**t!!

  5. noboundaries

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    A lot of time the guys behind the counter, whether a butcher shop or grocery, MAY know meat but may not know the best way to prepare it.  Oftentimes they are just hired help no different than the guy or gal working stock at a retailer.  The guys behind the counter MAY know where something is located, price, source, freshness, deal, etc, but prepping/cooking/smoking, not so much.   Long ago I stopped asking those guys and gals how to prepare something because the answers I got just didn't make sense at times.  A brisket at 135F IT?  Inedible.  Perfect example. 
  6. superdave

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    When I pull my brisket for foiling I often "sample" and there are many times that I think I could eat it right then.  Yes, there is a little bit more chew but certainly edible. 
  7. crankybuzzard

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    I suggest you take him a few slices of brisket cooked to 185 or so and let him see what he's been missing...
  8. oldschoolbbq

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    Walk in with a plate of hot 'Que' and give the Butcher a lesson , then ask for a discount...[​IMG]  
  9. I often take my butcher a plate. He knows me by name and often goes to the back to get me my cut of meat. He will have a full display case but thinks maybe I would like something else. He doesn't show it to me and ask. He just wraps it up and smiles. He knows that I know what to do with it and that I'm not going to FIU by serving a med rare brisket or a well done prime rib.

    Happy smoken.

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  10. beefy bill

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    Think he got his temps mixed up. I did that. Once. Cooked it to 150 and it sucked...

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