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Discussion in 'Beef' started by bruno994, May 8, 2012.

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    Very good read. Hope to do another brisket in June after i finally build my UDS.

  3. Excellent read, thank you.  Wish I had read it yesterday instead of today, as my brisket is all rubb'd up & ready to go.  Oh well, I'm sure it'll turn out fine & I'll trim fat next time.  


    ~Sean in Yorktown
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    Morning all.....  I've cooked brisket from "trim" to "no trim" of the fat.... trimmed brisket, in my humble opinion, is dry and lacking flavor..... Bride let me know how I screwed up when I trimmed it....   To each his/her own on flavor profiles and moistness when it comes to meat....

    I'm surprised you couldn't find  anything on briskets in this forum....  We have a search bar at the top of each page.... Searches can be done on individual forums that consolidate the search to a specific topic....  It is a great tool when looking for specific recipes....  Here are a few I dug up, only to show the diversity on this forum.... Many generous folks have shared their prize and award winning recipes over the course of many years and we thank them, for that is what makes this forum so great...... Free recipes that are time tested.....

    Trimming a brisket[]=101&output=all&action=disp

    Smoking a brisket[]=101&output=all&action=disp

    Various WIKI'S about briskets

    I'm sure there are more.... I'm posting this info because I find this forum better than any cookbook you can purchase...  These are actual recipes from folks who use them....  Tried and true... Some have even won trophies and money with the recipes they share here....  

    Bruno, morning.... Not trying to be an ah***... please don't take it that way...  I love the forum and what it has to offer folks who stop in... 

  5. Don't trim the fat. The brisket will be moister.
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    No offense taken Dave.  I didn't post it because I couldn't find any info on here about briskets, there's more info here than anywhere else I have found.  I posted it just as another source for all of us.  I saw it the other day and figured why not add it to the SMF library of knowledge.  If a brisket has a good amount of marbling in the meat, I'm not sure it needs any fat on the exterior.  Once the collagen and connective tissues break down inside the meat, you got the tender thing whipped.  I trim and like my results, however, when I do briskets for my Dad, he specifically asks for the fat to not be trimmed, I think he prefers eating the fat over the meat. He brings them over, throws it on the counter and says rub it and smoke it, nothing else.  Lots' of good flavor in the fat. 
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    I agree with Dave and Scott. I have found the key to a good juicy brisket is to not trim the fat.

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