Brisket in the smoker...again!!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by handcannon32x, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Went to town to do a little grocery shopping.  Wasnt planning on smoking or getting any nice meats.  But Hey, It was screaming my name.  8lb Brisket.  It was a little to big for my smoker so I ended up cutting it in half.  So I will smoke the other half tomorrow. 

    Mixed up my rub and dusted the brisket.  Sat in the fridge over night.  Fired up the smoker and on the waiting game. 

    The plan is to bring it to 160 to 165  IT and then foil it and bring it to 190 to 200 IT.  Thats the plan.  I hope this is the right way to do it?



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  2. So far it looks mighty good here.. Be sure to post pics of the final product..

  3. All done.  Came out AWESEOME.  I wish it had a little bit more bark on it.  But besides that, it was very good.


  4. Looks great. Man I hope my first brisket turns out this good. Thanks for the qview.
  5. Looks good. I love seeing all the crushed black pepper on there!

    You use black pepper like a Texan!
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  6. chef jimmyj

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    NICE...Super Juicy!...JJ
  7. driedstick

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    Looks great from here send me some :) Like chub said hope my 1st one looks that good.
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    Looks good. Thumbs Up
    I need to do one soon .
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    How many hours?
  10. I wish I could remember how many hours it took. 
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    I have a brisket on the smoker now myself. I found a nice 6.5lb yesterday. I'm planning on 10 smoke time, should be done around 5:00. Half way thru, the meat temp is 164. I, like you want nice bark. But reading Jeff's website, he gives an option of smoking it in a pan to retain the meats juices. I think I'll pull it out of the pan when there are a couple hours left, finish it on the smoking grate to get some bark. Had a couple issues with the smoker temps getting hot early on, hopefully it doesn't affect the outcome.
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