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Discussion in 'Beef' started by joshchambers80, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Hi my name is Josh and I am new member but have read many post on here.  I had a question about smoking an 11 pound brisket.  I started smoking it at 12:20 this afternoon and had it on the smoker for 5 hours at 250 until it hit an internal temp of 160, at that point I pulled it off wrapped it in foil and placed it in the oven at 250.  At 8:30 it reached an internal temp of 205.  My question is should an 11 pound brisket be done that quick from everything I have read it takes an hour to an hour and a half per pound to cook a brisket.  Any help would be great because I don't want to pull it out of the oven if it is not fully cooked.  I have been using a maverick thermometer and double checked with just a regular meat thermometer as well and they both read 205.  The other meat thermometer slid in the brisket nice and easy without any resistance.


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    If that therm slid in without any resistance then she's done.... each piece of meats a little different... If your IT is 205* then I'd pull er, wrap in foil, couple towels & put in a cooler for a few hours, I just use my camping cooler. Then the juices will redistribute throughout the meat during the rest...
  3. Thanks for the quick response WaterinHoleBrew.  I'm going to pull it now wrap it up in some towels and put it in a cooler.
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    That's really quick how was it?
  5. Yes it seemed a little quick to me given the size it was that's why I posted to make sure it could really have been done that quick.  It turned out pretty good.
  6. Remember, one of the key time sinks on a brisket is "the stall". This is where evaporative cooling causes the meat temp to hover in the 160-170 degree area for hours and hours.

    Foiling the meat stops the evaporative cooling process, as that moisture has nowhere to evaporate to. Thus, you power through the stall. 

    Then, you put it in a slightly hotter oven at 250 than many folks use for their smokers, the 225 number. Nothing wrong with this, but that helps to get it done a bit faster. 

    Finally, every piece of meat is different. Some cook much more quickly, while others seem to take forever.


    Either way, if you were happy with the results, then it's all good. It sounds like it passed the "toothpick test" and was tender, so it was done.
  7. Thanks Bwarbiany for the explanation on " the stall".  Looking back on it now I did power through it once I wrapped it at 160 it kept climbing.
  8. I've never finished in the oven I always keep everything in the smoker but yes by wrapping & putting it in the oven you powered through the stall.

    Do you have pics for us to drool over?
  9. Sorry Smoking B no pics this time to drool over.  I will make sure to get some pics the next smoke I do before it is all gone.
  10. Ok sounds good - we'll let you slide this time then  [​IMG]     [​IMG]
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    Thanks for that perspective Smoking B.  I have been wondering if people leave it in the smoker or transfer to the oven after foiling.  I think I'm with you--probably should leave it in the smoker.
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    If it's wrapped in foil, doesn't matter whether it's in the smoker or the oven.    Basically, it's personal preference.
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    That's basically what I was thinking.  If it is foiled, then it wouldn't really be getting much (if any) smoke.  Therefore at that point you are only looking for heat.  So really any heat source (smoker or oven) would do the job.  Putting it in the oven would save from burning more precious wood.  But there is still something intangible in my brain that would want to finish it in the smoker.  Somehow it feels like it would be "cheating" or something. 
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  14. Yup if it's foiled it won't get any smoke & it is a personal choice but if I start something in a smoker then I finish it in a smoker  [​IMG]

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