Brisket help!!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by montes, Dec 19, 2013.

  1. montes

    montes Newbie

    Hi everyone!

    Just a bit stuck at the moment. All prepared to do my first brisket tomorrow and guess what. Can't find brisket!!
    Can I use rump/serloin instead? Please at yes. Haha
  2. jirodriguez

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    Next closest is actually going to be a chuck roast. Both brisket and chuck roast are cooked to a full 190°+ internal temp to break down connective tissue and make it melt in your mouth tender. Leaner roasts (like the rump and sirloin) only cook till med. rare'ish, then slice thin for serving.

    Main difference between the brisket and chuck roast cook is the time. A brisket is generally a 15+ hr. cook, but a chuck roast is closer to 6 hrs.
  3. montes

    montes Newbie

    Ty mate
    Ok.. So any tips on how to approach and complete this smoke up?. I've marinated the rump in a garlic and onion rub.

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