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  1. New to the forum. Excited to be here! But could use some expert help. Just started smoking meat a few months ago and started with an inexpensive Brinkmann side smoker. I'm buying a heavier smoker soon but have had good luck with everything until I tackled brisket. I've done 2 smokes with a 7 lb pre-trimmed flat and have had serious stalls around 183 degrees IT (the sun had set at this time too).

    Yesterday I tried to cook through it until the total cook time hit 14 hours then I surrendered and cranked the smoker to 300 degrees until IT hit 195. The brisket was tender, tasted great, but I think the added time dried it out a bit. I'm in Houston (humid) and I use water in my drip pan. I'm starting to think I have one of two issues: 1) too much humidity in the chamber, or 2) too much heat loss due to the thin metal on the smoker, i.e. grill temp is 225 but air temp much cooler above the grill. We like the bark crunchy so I'm not doing foil wrap. I did let it rest after for 30 mins. Very little juice upon carving.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  2. Hi, first off [​IMG] to the forum pls stop by roll call for a n intro. Now are you using the smoker thermo or a thermo at grill level. The stall is normal with a brisketmany of us foil during the stall it helps I foil at 150 I.T. have had some go 17 hrs.
  3. I'm usiing a redi-check so I have a sensor at grill level and a probe in the meat. The thermo on the actual grill lid shows about 20 (during sunlight) and 40 (at night) cooler than the grill level sensor.

    Thanks re: welcome and roll call. I will!
  4. Hello my Texas brother.  boardpuller got ya sorted on the stall.  Can take forever [​IMG]. The KEY to brisket is patience, and patience, and MORE patience.  I would also try using packer brisket untrimmed.  The fat helps keep the meat moist.  Trim when you slice if you are one of those fat haters [​IMG].  Lose the water, use the pan to catch drippings.  Run that heat to 275 from the start.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    I'm down I corpus christi area and humidity is an issue. Especially when I'm trying to make jerky.I just did a brisket on the 4th. Stalled at 185'took off wrapped in foil and towels for couple hour rest in the igloo cooler. Tender, juicy and Still had plenty burnt ends. Used in my beans last night.
  6. I'm going to lose the water in the pan and crank up the heat a bit as suggested. We're big fat fans. Only reason I didn't go packer was the time investment but I'll do the all nighter next time and try the foil as well. There is no sacrifice too great for a proper brisket.

    Thanks to both of you!!!
    (This is such a cool forum)
  7. BTW.  How about swing by Roll Call and introduce yourself so that we can give ya a proper Howdy.  Keep Smokin!

  8. Done! Thanks again

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